31 March 2017

IBM making a DRONE that can take care of your PETS!!

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Turner's welcome to this week's edition

of Jonah news and it is going to be fly haha I like that either way we have police drones drones falling from the skies and hitting things and dinosaurs and drones so let's get in alright coming to number one alright I may have lied a little bit about police drones but what it is it's actually police doing responsible things with drones which is awesome pretty much in Ohio they are putting they want to put checks and balances on how police can use and when they can use drones and they introduced a bill through their Congress to be able to figure out like to say that drones have to get warrants or the police have to get warrants to use these your arms which is a really big deal it's getting bipartisan support because it just makes sense you know like if you have weaponized drones or even surveillance drones you know I personally believe like if you're going to be watching people and doing things like that you should have a warrant for that you need a warrant to be at an interest of my house you need a warrant to be an even open some eyes lock glove compartment you should get a warrant to be able to do some stuff to people with

drones so that's what I Ohio's doing is looking good check it out all right coming in number two we have amazon prime doing its first domestic drone delivery yet we actually are making this happen and Amazon's even saying they did it in partnership with the FAA which is a really big deal because FAA it's been really strict about anybody doing drone deliveries now there is a caveat I mean it was just literally it was at the Mars conference which is pretty much like you know Technology robotics and space exploration and outside the Sun was blazed and it was really hot and the drone delivered four bottles of sunscreen which to me is a really good example of the kind of things that will be really cool to have happen with drone delivery oh man i wish i had some sunscreen right now which I would never do with my melon and into your skin but some people may do that and whoa wow look at that a drone dropped it off in a designated amazon dropping zone or something i don't know either way really cool i hope that the FAA and Amazon can figure it out so that we can see drones flying everywhere in a way that it's safe and delivering cool stuff coming at

number three drones and dinosaurs all right i mean i reduce I just like saying that but in Australia these researchers are using drones to be able to help map out dinosaurs stuff so you know like there still are like preserve dinosaur prints and like fossils and all kind of stuff and undisturbed sites all over the world and these people about oh man let's see them but we don't wanna disturb it so they're like well we can just send a drone in there pictures we can analyze the pictures learn a lot about drew learning a lot about dinosaurs everybody wins they're doing 3d models of this and it's also like a double win because like i said before they don't have to disturb the area so the researchers are super happy because they get to be lazy and sit at home and watch somebody else flies your own give them their 3d models of the areas and then they could study the 3d model they'd only have to go anywhere so it's a win for everybody and especially for dinosaurs coming number four is a pet sitter drone patent so like drone sitters for dogs you know like a person who watches your dog and stuff and cats it's pretty cool iBM is actually just

set out a patent to be able to have drones be in your house to be able to watch monitor and reward as well as like you know sure like what's the word discipline your animals which is kind of scary that you have a drone the condition your animal but either way really cool because they're saying that when you're at home then you'll have yet to do like the nanny camera be a watch it and if it's like I'll need to be let out there trying to let it out if you need some food cool if you need to be played with it'll play with them like throw stuff and if it's doing something shouldn't do then it'll make some kind of noise or do something gotta by not using so let's do that it might be a replay of your voice when you're mad either way really cool especially for people who are dog owners who are value I can't leave my dog for loan for more than three hours now that may be able to because they have a drone to take care of them coming in number five last but not least is the testing of falling drones now if you've been watching your honor news before you'll you'll know that the Virginia Tech was doing testing and drones where they're flying drones

in the dummies the test dummies faces to be able to determine how dangerous Jones really are and you know I actually thought while I was reporting that one that was like it's kind of weird because normally I don't feel like that's the way that I generally hit you the way of drones in it hit you is it's going to fall on your head it's not going to run into you like mojo operators are good enough to not run it into your face because there's only higher than five and a half feet or I brought all people off but with a chemical in aerospace engineers at Syracuse University his name is Mark Glaser as they're doing drone test to be able to drop stones from Heights onto people's heads which i think is the best way to test for safety because that's how drones going to hit you so they're doing it it's really like they're doing ranges from 20 to 50 feet I think they should do it higher so the biggest thing that they're finding in these drones falling is that the impact of how the drone hits the ground or hits the object is more almost as important as how high it is from the air so for example if there's like a seat of the drone all hit it and it

spreads out the impact and it's not so bad but it's only a blade or a foot hits the ground first as a single point of impact then it can be devastating so I guess this is really influencing how drones can fall without being able to you know how they fall when they lose power and influencing the drone developers and how they make drones so that they fall in the right way all right your honors thank you so much for checking out this drone er news and if you want to see more on renews BAM there it is or if you want to see the dopest video ever for an intro to a drone show I think that's it and as always make sure that you support us by subscribing because that's what allows dude bang and check out our patreon page and as always make sure you stay fly