10 September 2019

In Dallas Texas visiting DNA Kennels

Bully Collab with DNA DNA Kennel.

so you saw everybody won't try to check

out the poi mais and blue from DNA kennels my boy Dontae down here in dallas texas checking out his you're checking out a little bit everything i hit man my eyes and blue is the bad boy foot for those who they have not seen him ever seen this is Myers and blue or DNA killing the boy is a beast look so much better in person I'm a nice man you see how you like them you see them in person man it like oh my god that's a first thing is it when I first saw and I love you man that's a boy y'all but all you do it don't know you're trying to get a boy to look a certain way this is one of the looks right here that I adore right here this is one of my lows right here he got it I got it you got the Nick he got he got it all you got it - I got it the Achilles man Dallas Texas this is what we get kicking it got a couple my balls Whitman got your boy water down hill Wheaton got the boy Famous Amos over though needy cats running around me really and they killed Dante right though so appreciate appreciate their man appreciate that man but yeah man like us for those you that don't know like you say y'all just you

know learning about the bullies brought my dogs all the way from Atlanta Georgia's pulled him out put him out with his dogs they just kickin it lovin each other having the bottle man I love the UH I love these boys Manny they just they just don't have that aggression like other dogs do you know they really don't like kids to me like even adults once they meet another like for kid just want to play that's all they do like he's never smelled each other seen each other ages having a ball look I guess y'all just wanted to tune in the child see a little bit of what I got going on and how I wanted to you know introduce y'all to my boy Dante from DNA killing you know saying I probably seeing us talking and linking up on all on YouTube possibly Instagram Facebook but you know we we actually doing this you don't say it's not just a Facebook thing go you're just not talking online you know that's linking up you know no like me and my boys say we got we got friends around the corner mark hey let's do these I want to do that I mean man friends are on the call to one you can I let you you

know I'm saying help you out do couple things man all way from another man Derek takes hooking up with my boy doing what we do how we do it well y'all there Mars blue here don't know I told him I want to put on a put Amos and Mazda in the same P y'all that's what I want to do you tell my crazy hit pieces and some that's what I want to do that's exactly what I wanna do man everybody is a beast look at the Nick on that plane this is I'll check it out big boy he'll man I'll buy him same choice you got none free to blue eyes and boy that's a bull that's a bull but okay yeah we're gonna gonna get up out of here do what we do but oh yeah yeah I'll be looking out oh I'm a posting pictures of the poster child check them out and you know Sam will keep moving up