04 January 2015

India Bombay Mumbai Red Light District

what do you hope button what do you hope

you want me to use that you hope something I hope something no I think it's okay teeka sort of ban of the building in your opinion okay this is famous deli on you on your right there's one oh yeah yeah that's that's a branch of this but it's not nearly as good get after this job can you see slow nothing yeah that's time everyone second good huh yeah yeah did you see them feet whole upstairs no it's on the streets what did this oh there they are go ahead Wow nice nice Abdera system so today this is cold saga it's a business down slow down some of the women are shouting already huh yeah ditto hi Jojo were they shouting the pointing up Joe you can see that side yeah Oh on the right side I'm good should be uh yesterday up coke I guess it Darlene operator because it's not

this no she's covering yourself yeah huh okay I'm getting some pretty good shots with mine yeah yeah maybe we just do the small camera I think no better skating they'll attack the car they might oh not good idea that is they put the camera down J sorry you put the camera down I think the digital one is the best it's really small you see it's small and it's the real turnaround and then you take the right again exactly exactly happy that's anomaly on the light no Susan yeah yeah on the right side you come back need I told you know that they dug dug it up down down down down down down well how can you tell there's a bald eagles no no you can see something buddy's gonna look at this guy how do you how can you tell look like me but yeah Sami you see them can you see them yeah yeah my point is Baker Akers she see one of the girls immediately made up this is legal drinking the u.s. treaty but please remember prostitution itself is not illegal living off the earnings of prostitution is illegal this is all stupid make that

make sense what's wrong with that what are you complaining about no but then it's used to harass Dublin you get what I mean policeman sir collected a lot of money from ladies where's the place my dear the Congress congressman on many of these brothels you know the very then what is upstairs there are lots of residences on your that are absolute middle-class people living here that's the incredible thing on Monday they could click with the curtains down they can tell her now if we passed Italy now yeah yeah box okay okay that's it I need to drink no if we had had a quota when I come to you know the best food is urea at night dinner but you you're not wearing today's that one they remodeled it but see this is a the best food it's deep inside up until boil come be until Abbey farm VT VT j ki jaana muncipality yeh headquarters Hina oh there goes kiss Hamlet press club oh you know they are going to the Press Club