10 April 2019

Installing Vinyl Floor - Building Chicken Coop from Dog Kennel

I'm so ready to give y'all the final tour of the chicken coop! LOL So, I'm really not ready because Mamakirbs wants a vinyl floor installed in the chicken house ...

we're back at the chicken coop gonna do

another project I really thought I was going to give you the full tour today within mama curbs reminded me that she wanted a piece of linoleum or vinyl flooring in the chicken house under the roost it would have been really nice if I would have put vinyl floor in this coop before building the entire structure meaning I could have wrapped this floor this piece of plywood in vinyl and all the edges would have been tucked in it would have been pretty and functional but I didn't do it so now I have the project of cleaning this floor up and putting a piece down a vinyl floor that we picked up is a remnant they actually gave it to us for free it's gonna be not quite big enough to cover the whole floor but it should be enough to cover most of the area that's here under the coop I have a few tools that's gonna help me get the job done power drill a hammer staple gun staples scraper and a broom and a few other goodies on the belt I was a little concerned that when I put this roost in here and the wire on the roof here that it was gonna be difficult to get this in and out but I've already done it twice and it's not that bad so

that's gonna be my first task is to pull that out giving me room to work on this floor now we're gonna clean this floor up I figured an old paint scraper would be a good tool to loosen up some of that stuff that might be stuck to the floor with lime dust and poop dust combined it's also a good time to protect your lungs I choose RZ masks let's get cleaning [Music] [Music] now that the floor no fog on my glasses now that the floor is mostly cleaned up and dust free I don't have a lot of risk of dust flying around so I don't either mask anymore boy the roosters are really active right now since I didn't lay that vinyl floor in here at the beginning before I put the structure up now I have to figure out how to lay it in here and cut around the edges the two F fours here and back here to make it fit nicely and hopefully not get a lot of stuff up under it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] here that wasn't so bad took a lot of staples but it weighed down pretty well hopefully they don't give a nice floor to clean up a little easier what I think I might do since I have these edges over here the vinyl wasn't long enough I have these edges but I also have some scrap pieces over there I think just so that things don't get up under that edge because eventually they they will want to work up under that edge I'll cut some of that vinyl overlap it ideally I would have glued down and wrapped around the edges of this plywood before I made the floor it would have been seamless [Music] oh it's all down I'm pretty curious how long that's gonna last I'm gonna think as long as we don't scoot around too much or put sharp objects or heavy objects and scoot them too hard I think it will do okay it's a pretty rugged

vinyl but it is also just vinyl so real life we'll see how long it lasts man if I have to take that out that's a whole lot of staples to remove you can see my piece work down here I think that went in pretty nicely on the other side as well overall it's a little wavy in the middle but I don't really want to put a whole bunch of staples in the middle because I don't just create tear points points where the vinyl could tear more easily because there the integrity of the vinyl is compromised because the staple has gone through it I think it's better to leave that middle part without any of those holes we'll get the roost back in and then we can close it up I think it's a done project for today no really the whole point is to create a nice slick surface that the poop and and other debris stick to and it'll be easier to sweep out that's the point and that's why we did it floor in ruse ten job done the next video about the chicken coop is going to be an overall tour to show you all the features of this chicken coop you saw some of them being built early on when I had time to make those videos

but I think the tour will answer some of the questions about how I finished it up and some of the details that we put on this coop that tour will not include the rainwater collection system that will be in a future video all on its own here on the daddy curbs farm I strongly and truly believe that everyone has a story and every story counts your story counts because you count you matter thank you so much for being a part of my story today through this video and letting me be a part of yours I'll talk to you soon didn't need the drill