07 September 2019

Introducing Our Family Pet Lamby

This is a Video we posted on Vimeo the first part of Summer when we first got Lamby. Follow me for video notifications, and a behind the scenes view of our lives ...

all righty so today the day is finally

arrived for me to get my surprise for Olive I've talked to you guys in the past about I was gonna get her a special pet and I was planning on getting her a quail but I decided to hold off on that feel like it's a little too small and fragile for all of just yet so we're gonna be eating well you'll see and I know you guys got the teaser with it goat we saw a goat or talked about maybe getting a goat but we did a little research and decided on something else so come follow us and we'll show you what we got actually born well we found him yesterday morning so at some point night between Saturday and Sunday and what's the what's the breeding on the parents gonna be East Frisian and then some will come and our first sheet were rito our cot so they're canadian breed and so there's gonna be a little bit of that so you see this one's got kind of glory on its legs that's gonna be where that's coming from there's there's gonna be a few other breeds in there but all but all kind of all dairy breeds do you know this is for you this is your president it's you it's for all it okay let's have you guys go play go play daddy needs to

work so lamby because she's got white skin get sunburned on her ears advantages of getting a black sheep yeah I wish we had known earlier so she gets some birds on her ears and so um I am sure need help me here by holding the bottle so I put sunscreen on her ears to keep them from getting burned she's kind of hard otherwise she jumps around everywhere she's not she isn't very good at sitting still so you just put a little sunburn up a little sunscreen on her ears to help prevent sunburn and it's like he said a lot easier to do while she's drinking milk good girl most evenings we enjoy going on a walk as a family around our neighborhood these walks are nice and relaxing for Maggie and I and a lot of fun for the girls and animals lamby loves going on walks with her mixed flock of humans and dogs we enjoy spending quality time together doing simple activities like this family walk it provides both enrichment and a little exercise for everyone involved as well as strengthening our family bond you must be wondering why a hunter like myself got a lamb as a family pet lamb 'is number one contribution to her

family will be producing milk and mowing the lawn I'm the kind of guy who enjoys finding ways to use what others consider garbage a lawn requires work and money to maintain that gives absolutely nothing in return outside of I appeal a few years ago when we purchased our first home I decided to find a good use for our grass at our old home we raised rabbits on our lawn turning our grass into meat with our new home I decided to turn it into milk and cheese hence the reason we now have lamby we love the idea that our lawnmower cuts and fertilizes the lawn all by itself and instead of pleading the air with exhaust milk is the byproduct originally we are planning on getting a goat for this purpose but after doing some research I found that because sheep are grazers instead of browsers they do a much better job on a diet of grass than goats do also sheep aren't anywhere near as mischievous as the typical goat is good job thank you for feeding the Sheep yeah I think there's a little bit left good job olive she wants more I think she's had plenty okay go inside to play with the baby me baby me rich a machine good job