10 September 2019

Is a service dog ideal for you?/things i wish i knew before getting a service dog

Chloe the service poodle: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpNt9_jp4G6LmXXH76nQ2cA The Red Service Bear: ...

hey guys it's the pink service pair

welcome to my channel today we are going to discuss is a service dog right for you and things I wish I had known before I got a service dog I got kaca for an anxiety disorder I've had since I was born mental sorry I always do this why I say anxiety disorder because I am a fan of talking with my hands I also have asthma you can probably hear it in my voice so those are two things kaca it it's used for but I haven't really had any public access issues yet five only worked her about four months so far she has pretty much done what she's supposed to do I do however wish I had known what having a big dog meant as a service dog because it is really hard to transport her places like when we went to st. Louis a couple weeks ago and we couldn't fit her in the car because there were five people in the car we have a 5c car so I wish I had known that but it doesn't matter I love her anyway and I am continuing what's her training I also wish I had known that people would be like can you train my dog how do i train my dog and all of that is not as simple as that viii has his dog for mobility reasons

and i evaluated his dog's temperament his dog is perfectly fine for public access and she works well under pressure she can be a little bit stubborn but that's expected of Blue Heelers you'll also want to read up on your state laws even though federal Trump's state you will want to make sure you know your state and federal laws you will also really need to think about it like can I mentally or physically deal with the responsibility of having a dog it's not right for everybody for instance for mental disorder you might want to try meds or something I cannot go on meds because my family has addiction problems so a service dog ended up being a better option for me she is really great but I wouldn't recommend a service dog for everybody for instance my cousin Courtney said she was going to train her dog rose to be a service dog she couldn't mentally handle what straining meant for a service dog and that is fine like it doesn't always work out sometimes the dog just ends up being your pet or something and sometimes you have to wash a dog and sometimes you can't keep the dog because you need

another one then you'd give them away but that is all stuff I wish I would have known training is very emotionally and physically taxing it is really costly like you have to buy treats and all kinds of stuff because even if you plan on weaning off of tree so you need to start off with them just to show dogs you know their basic commands and stuff I am going to be getting a new prospect very soon I am NOT going to reveal the breed yet because I have not set up a specific breed I have about four I'm looking at and I will be most likely getting a male if I can not that female dogs aren't great I just grew up with male dogs and Koch's my first female I've noticed their temperaments are a little tiny bit different from wives eeen and I prefer the males so anyway that is the end of this video I am wanting to do a Q&A next video if possible but if not that is perfectly fine so if you would like to see that just send in your questions down below I am going to link aces channel and Chloe the service poodles channel because I really like her videos well anyway bye guys