04 November 2019

Is House Sitting Right For You? | House Sitter School 🏡 Lesson 2

Is House Sitting Right For You? | House Sitter School Lesson 2 Learn what it takes to be a successful house sitter. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS ...

so I know it sounds too good to be true

you can be a house sitter and get free travel accommodation anywhere in the world but how do you know of how sitting is right for you how do you know if you'd actually be a good house sitter and if you'd even like it well we're going to answer those questions today and make sure you stick around to the end of the video because even though we're talking about skills that make a good house sitter I'm gonna actually tell you one physical item that also will make you a better house sitter but first welcome my name is Stephanie Perry and I'm a year-round house sitter when I was 41 I quit my job to travel full-time for a year on my savings when my savings ran out I needed to find another way to keep going and I became a house-sitter I'm now the creator of house sitter school which helps you go from zero experience house-sitting to booking your very first house set make sure that you subscribe to my channel and make sure that you bring a notification bell went so that you'll be notified when I post my next video the next video that I post is going to be about a day in the life of a house sitter what's it like alright so let's get down to it what makes a

good house sitter I spoke on a panel at audacity fest in Memphis which is a travel festival sponsored by no madness travel tribe and in the festival I was asked what makes a good house sitter and I kind of dropped the ball so I'm gonna answer that question in more detail here so the son is really aggressive right now but we're gonna push through thumbs up for pushing through finding son first of all good house sitter has to be reliable people are leaving you in charge of their home and also sometimes their pets and they need to know that you're a reliable dependable person when you're new to house sitting you'll have to have someone write a reference for you and you'll need to make sure that they are able to communicate how reliable and how dependable you are my reference was from a friend in Australia I took care of her kids in her home and so she met she discussed that in detail in her reference letter and it really helped me get the first house it booked a good house sitter also has to be available you have to be available to house it but you don't need to be available full time house sitters are often retirees who have time to travel

and you know go wherever they want but there are also plenty of house sitter to have a full-time day job in a permanent city you can house it just on your vacation time a membership to trusted house sitters is around $125 a year so if you're talking about taking a five or six night vacation to Greece you're definitely gonna get your money's worth by house-sitting instead of by paying for the accommodation so yes people do house it just on their vacation time and just on their regular time off if you're somewhere in the middle in between retirement and working in a fixed location for example if you're a teacher who gets you know summers off or if you're a digital nomad who can work from anywhere how sitting is perfect for you but to be a good house sitter you do need to have some available dates having pet experience also makes you a good house sitter I'm house-sitting right now and this is a three week house it in Mexico and I'm looking down because the dogs are right here you can hear them but you can't see them there are four dogs here and being willing to take care of pets makes it much easier for me to book

houses there are times when there are long term houses where people don't have pets but they just want someone in their home because they're gonna be gone for months at a time so you can be a house sitter without taking care of pets without being a pet sitter but being a pet sitter makes it much easier to get booked in pretty much any city in the world house sitters are single people house sitters are parents house sitters are families there are people who booked houses as a family I actually house it for a family who house sits and sometimes they take their dog with them when they house it so having a pet or having a child or having a spouse doesn't mean that you can't be a house sitter if everybody's on board you can do it trusted house sitters the service that I house it through actually has a setup where you can link to profiles together so the two partners who want to house it together can link their profiles and apply for house it's together and you don't have to be spouses you can be mother-daughter I've seen mother-daughter house-sitting teams so pretty much you name it it works surprisingly people really prefer to

book couples as house sitters a lot of times when I'm applying for a house it I have to specify you know I know you're looking for a couple but I can do it it's just a cat all right house sitters need to have specific soft skills this is a service that you're providing for people communication is crucial being a good communicator is very important to being a good house sitter you also need to be able to gauge what type of communication style you're going to need to use with different clients I've had house-sitting clients who want to hear from me every day even multiple times a day if I can and I've had house-sitting clients who've had actually told me you know what you don't need to keep messaging me every day so to be successful at it you need to be able to follow the clients lead and communicate in the style that they prefer house sitters also need to be able to pitch themselves you need to be able to say you're looking for someone to do this for you I'm the person and here's why just because you have a full profile filled out on trusted house sitters doesn't mean that you can apply for a house it just by saying hey read my

profile you need to be able to be thorough let the potential client know that you're somebody who's going to handle their business while they're gone watering plants feeding the cat and cleaning the litter box might not seem like a big deal to you but that cat is their life and you're gonna be in their home and they don't want to be worried the entire time that some kind of potential disaster is gonna break out I've got a pitch letter for you it's an email template that I sent to every potential client when I'm applying for house it's it works it's gotten me I don't know 20 or more house it's through trusted house sitters and countless more just through referrals from other people go to house sitters school.com / template that's house sitters fool.com / template get your copy of your letter so that you can start applying for houses and get booked a good house sitter is also very self-reliant you're in new areas all the time in new areas and in new homes all the time sometimes I get to a house that before the client leaves I've had them take me around town and show me where the grocery store is and their favorite restaurants

he introduced me to friends and neighbors I've also had houses where I show up after they're gone I let myself in through the key in the lock box and I leave before they come home and so as a house sitter you need to be able to figure things out on your own you need to be okay with being in a new area all the time it's something that sounds simple sounds basic but it's something that some people don't find out until too late that they just don't enjoy there are definitely ways to make friends while you're traveling make sure that you're subscribed because I'm doing a video series entirely on that how to make friends while you're traveling because I do a lot of solo travel clearly but a good house sitter needs to be able to be left to their own devices to figure things out for themselves you can't text a homeowner every 30 minutes while they're away asking them questions about how to use the coffee maker or where to find the dry cleaners like I said house sitter school is a master class that walks you from being totally inexperienced to booking your very first house it in-house sitter school we're covering things like what specific

questions do you need to ask every potential client before you book before you agree to house it for them and also how do you make sure that you do not get screwed by cancellations because nobody likes to be in an expensive city far from home and then find out that their house it is cancelled so okay so we're covering all that in house-sitter school go to house sitter school comm to sign up and we'll get you booked all right so we've talked about the skills that make someone a good house sitter and I told you that I would tell you one physical item that makes the house that are successful that physical item is a business car just because you're booking your first house it through a service that's free and unpaid doesn't mean that all of your houses will be free unpaid house it's through services once you get some house-sitting references under your belt you'll be able to book word-of-mouth houses and that's when the business card comes in when you book word of mouth house it's you're able to do a little negotiation and get some better parks even some pay so take a second go to vistaprint and get yourself a simple

basic business card leave it with your house-sitting clients if you have to take your if your pet sitting and you have to take the pet into the veterinarian's office ask if you can leave some business cards there start to get your word-of-mouth business going I'm a freelance writer and so I had freelance writing business cards and I started just writing house-sitter on the top of the cards in the beginning but now I actually have house-sitting cards it's easy with Vistaprint they're inexpensive and one good word-of-mouth client can get you some really good free travel all right so like I said I have business cards I got them through Vistaprint I am an Ebates fan Ebates or used to be called Ebates they've changed their name to Rakatan so they're the cash back site so what you do is first you sign up for Ebates using the link my link in the description box is my affiliate link sign up for Ebates and with your first purchase you'll get $10 cash back on a purchase of $25 or more so you go from the Ebates website over to vistaprint vistaprint is one of the Ebates partners and you will be able to

make your order through vistaprint and then Ebates will not only give you a percentage back on that Vistaprint purchase but then they'll just give you a flat out $10 thank you all right so that's what it takes to be a successful house sitter if you have any questions go ahead and leave them in the comments or you can hit me up on social I'm at vicarious on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and don't forget to go to house-sitter school.com slash template and get your email template so that you can start applying for house it's whether it's through trusted house sitters or through word-of-mouth referrals thank you so much for watching please take a second and hit the like button and share this video with anybody you know who would like some free travel accommodation I'll see you next time alright so pasa stop breathing into the microphone go go go