11 January 2019

Jayme Closs fled captor and flagged down dog walker; suspect arrested

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good morning guys let's start this with

if the dims it says less than two weeks in 2019 is already exponentially dumber than 2018 now we're debating whether a flat vertical surface can ever serve as an effective barrier between two points the unbilled the wall skeptic but the Dems are really starting to bring me around to the other side the more they talk and the more I pay them the courtesy of taking their arguments against the border wall seriously the more I wonder why anybody would bother to take their arguments seriously but let's give it a go hey did you know that walls are bad because the idea is so old hello it's current year and we have power tools now and you know basically is that is the thing says if the Dems want to lose the wall fight all they have to do is keep talking you know it's true the more they talk the Dumber they sound even share has had enough you know it's a just given the money we've lost this fight and they're losing it more day by day it's like oh but we can't afford money for the wall but we can afford 10 or 20 billion to go overseas for abortions Yeah right moving on to UM terrorism actually does kill many Americans via the southern boy that's

true it does indeed and as it says it's not just the tragic murders of the Kate Steinle of our country isolated or not that are the result of insufficient enforcement our southern border not to mention sanctuary cities like San Francisco farm our deaths that are commonly imagined occur because of the laxity and many of them despite recent assertions to the contrary by NBC and Fox's Chris Wallace and a not-so-subtle relationship to terrorism in fact under the radar terrorism in its most organized forms plays a significant and deadly role on our border now is that possible in to date according to some reports only a relatively small number of certifiable terrorists have been cocked crossing red-handed on violent missions as was argued by NBC and walls look no further than the life expectancy of Americans that has declined over the last few years for the first time in decades the most disturbing development has been ascribed to sedentary lifestyles in a rising suicide rate particularly among white males but most of all to the opiate and related drug cage crisis drug overdose deaths reached 70,000 in 2017 as nearly everyone knows

9/11 killed slightly fewer than 3,000 and that was luckily in one-time event the 70,000 figure plus or minus has become roughly an annual rate yeah think about that it is killing a lot and I mean a lot of people moving on to government shutdown Senate approves bail guaranteeing back pay for furloughed federal employees when the shutdown is over okay all of us go through periods where were unemployed and you know somehow we make it through most people save up a little bit for a rainy day these are people who are making a pretty darn good living you know and they haven't put anything back they spent everything every dime that goes I mean these these are not poor people these are not people who are just barely getting by these are people who are making a good dime you know I didn't realize how healthy of a dime they were making until a friend of mine informed me as to what the pay rate really is the vast majority these people are making well over a hundred thousand a year and in some cases both spouses aren't working for the government so you have a total of over two hundred thousand dollars coming in and they

don't have anything for a rainy day seriously and for another it is their own party the Democrats that are causing this anyway yeah moving on to Jamie Clarke okay we did find out it says Jamie Claus fled captor and fled down a dog walker and the suspect has been arrested it says Jamie closeted 13 year old from Wisconsin the young girl who had been missing since October whose parents were murdered was found Thursday malnourished and dirty after she reportedly fled her captor and flagged down a dog walker in the small forested town of Gordon a suspect was arrested just minutes later but authorities disclosed no further information about the person arrested there's a little known about class's physical condition but her grandfather said told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis that she was being treated in a hospital and was expected to soon be reunited with relatives cloths vanished October 15th after her parents were fatally shot in their home in Barron County which is about 80 miles northeast of Minneapolis and 65 miles from where she was found Claus was inside the home where her

parents were shot but vanished prompting a statewide search and then on Thursday the girl who appeared skinny and dirty with matted down hair reportedly approached a woman who was out walking her dog the woman knocked on the door of a nearby house and told the couple inside this is Jamie Claus call 911 and Peter kasinsky us who answered the door told a Star Tribune the cloth showed little emotion and told him that she didn't know where she was the woman who sought help told the paper the class walked up to her and said she wanted help and was reportedly inside the Kaczynski's home for 20 minutes and refused food and water she also said she de believes that she was in the area the entire time she was missing well I mean she was just yeah I mean obviously she was traumatized very traumatized it'd be a long time before that young girl can think straight my heart goes out to her oh my goodness my thoughts and prayers are with her in the Taco Bell they're going to test a dedicated vegetarian and vegan menu this year oh yeah that would go over real well sure okay

and the target post strong holiday sales maintains outlook so maybe they've made it back from their stupidity a couple years ago it says Target Corporation said on Thursday comparable sales grew 5.7 percent during November and December helped by higher customer visits and strong online sales during the holiday season still the chairs fell over one percent in pre-market trading hurt by disappointing performance at rival Kohl's core and you know due to the high crime in these major cities a lot of these stores are not these box stores are not going to do well it's just there's just a ton of crime out there period in these major cities that's all for now god bless you have a good day bye guys