27 June 2014

Jet and the Boarding Kennel (short "o" variants)

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jet and the boarding kennel 10 has a pet

dog named jett Ted loves jet very much Ben Ted's brother gave jet to Ted as a present sometimes ben says that all ted talks about is jet Ted walks jet every day at dawn for 45 minutes he follows the law he always uses a leash and collar I'm jet so he doesn't run in neighbors as Long's they always walked past the mall but it is still closed they walked to the park where there is a wall to keep jet in then 10 throws a ball for jet to play with jet caught the ball every time he practices tricks with jet Ted tells jet to sit then stay he walks away then he calls to jet jet come jet runs to Ted what a good dog one day been told Ted that their parents were coming to visit from Iceland their family was going on a cruise on the Mississippi River then to some museums but Ted could not bring jet Ted loves jet so much that he was sad to leave him but he called the boarding kennel and made a reservation for jet jet would stay at the boarding kennel while his family was gone the people at the boarding kennel would feed jet and take him on walks he would even get to play with other dogs on the day they left Ted and Ben took jet to the boarding kennel

Ted told them that jet was the perfect dog he had no flaws all of the people at the boarding kennel would fall in love with jet Ted and Bentham jet would be good they patted him goodbye and left but jet did not like the boarding kennel the workers brought jet to his doll it did not have a soft blanket or dog bed it only had straw they did not bring jet a nice dish of his favorite dog food instead they let all the dogs out on the lawn and dumped the food into a trough jet saw that the dogs fought each other for the food in fact it looked like a big dog brawl dogs were using their jaws to fight not to eat jet did not want to be at this place anymore he was distraught he needed to find Ted he walked around the lawn and sought a hole in the wall he found one but it was too small he used his paws to dig into the ground and make the hole bigger he crawled through the hole and ran far from the bad boarding kennel meanwhile Ted and Ben were driving back to their home to get their luggage they stopped to get some snacks when they walked out of the store Ted saw a black dog with long legs running across the street jet he yelled is that you it was

jet he remembered that Ted taught him to come when he called his name so he ran right up to Ted jet how did you run away from the boarding kennel it must be a bad bad place Ted said but what will I do with you while we are gone just then cam called Ted cam is Ted's girlfriend Ted told cam about his problem cam likes jet she wanted to take care of jet bring him to my house cam said my sister Kim and I would love to have a dog for a week problem solved you