13 March 2015


check out JoJos room!!!

everybody it's Jojo and today I was

thinking that we should do a room tour I haven't done a YouTube video in a while so I thought hey why not today so I'm gonna give you a little tour of my room and you comment down below what you think when you first walk into my room you see my shoes well that's what I might be if I started to fit but you'll see that then right now I'm showing you my shoes right here I have to sleep almost 5 6 7 8 9 10 or lemon complete pairs but I have my possessive it just got confusing because I think what appeared right down there so that got a little bit confusing and also we have my calendar which is really old because I haven't updated it still says temper which I'm gonna update it right now you now that that is taken care of these are my goes and they are closed shoes and I have a lot and if you look closer those layouts actually so I can one marry and that carries two layers so there's a lot of lot of bows in here fellows those big bow there's little bows uh I don't know the littlest photos it's hard if it's like it's pretty tiny not that bad though it's a

cute bow it's all that matters right next is my desk and this is where I do school these are my pencils and pens and more food sharpies and then right next to those or just fell over Oh in the books that I'm reading some of them I have already read in the past and others I'm reading right now the books I'm really I really like right now are these I survived and this one's about their Holocaust I can't wait to read it then I got what about the tsunami I want to say in Japan um yeah tsunami in Japan and then there's like four different stories in that one with that so I'm I'm working for two and then another one is I survived 9/11 also my desk is this fun little guy oh oh play it is not a job it's not a bad thing he does get willing pencil sharpener so what I like I like hold the pencil bag while it spins left them there we go nice brush pencil then my post is up here I have a box of tissues because I cold right now I have selling razors I use a trash there's a trash bucket on the other side I have some plaques some a few in motion I have two of these little speakers so I

can listen to music and I have my safe in this right now and I'm jealous you oh well but I think it's cool I put tape on it so it's all exactly again yes the last it for my desk and next right by my desk is doctors alone right love is this stuff for this again because I just unpacked all my suitcases it's crazy and yeah all your comments were these are my Zoya translating these are my shows like little like Jacqueline these are hoodies jean jackets anything like special dish and then up here is just my clothes like but everyday clothes like appears more like damp damp clothes stuff and down here like justin is in shoulder Kip clubs also right by my desk is my bet I could take a nap right now but I love my bed because I have with some really cool too like a box of tissues get out of it I have some really cool poems like I have a cheese I have Thanks and I just like Siebert okay I love decorated pillows and I think that they are adorable this is my dresser and this is where I can see what I look like and I feel like I like this outfit when I fix my hair what is my

makeup and I love this dresser is amazing as Muse and clothes and Polaroid and also this really cool thing that I want it's about a machine and you put a coin in it I don't have any other thank you actually yeah I don't have any let you stick a corner if you twist it and you pull it that way yeah but yeah that's amazing I won that at Apex and I love sorry crazy lighting right now well now it looks good but in the last part of the video it was like really dog and but if you didn't see my dresser this is it thank you and next is probably the last thing that you guys are seeing in my room and yeah this is my bag with my second secret talents in it and these arms my grandma maybe but I'm makeup too and they're washcloths and these kind of pot holders she made me for pot holders into washcloths and they're made all out of thread or not thread all little easy stuff so yeah and she taught me how to do it I'd love to do it next over here are my rainbow pilato's that one of my best friend Debbie just sent me and I love them and I think they are adorable that we were like alright

stoned and they're like my first two counselors that I have some bags over here but they're nothing special but what I call this area over here is my stretching corner so what that is is I have my K s me stretcher and you can always split all meds and you put your heel on this so it's like squishy and we always get our your leg I have two outs or foot stretchers one of them is Timmy date it's a KNK dance designs and I don't know how to say your last name I'm probably gonna say this on Kitty cupcake but this you stick your foot right here and then you stretch it out and then my other foot stretch oh is the OGT and again you stick your foot and you just try to straight your knee like that but and last thing in my stretch corner is this uh I just got this in the mail yesterday and Kimmy the girl that made the ugh stretch oh she sent it to me and she made both of these and they this is called the Ready Set pirouette so you put your foot on I love you can tell what it's like and then so and that really helps you with your turns so I cannot wait to start using that and it's amazing because you can use it on the full or if you like carpet

or hardwood floor or whatever you choose so thank you for watching this video I hope that you enjoyed it I had an amazing time showing you guys what's in my room so comment down below what you thought of my room and tell me what's in Yahoo peace out