22 September 2011

Jones Chihuahuas CKC Female Chihuahua Clementine's Long Hard Labour To Give Birth To Large Pup

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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay okay almost there almost there almost there come on come on almost there keep on pushing keep on pushing right click girl [Music] she says another she has another puppy coming neither puff is coming he's a big water sack [Music] this water sac wasn't busted she's pushing this whole thing out hey good girl please turn that television down oh okay I can see just the typical food sack okay okay almost there almost there no no no no set it out but I can still can concentrate on what you're doing concentrate on what you're doing almost there almost there almost there almost there almost there almost there Oh oh my goodness he's got a big one oh my goodness this huge that's why it's

taken a while [Music] okay holy mackerel this is huge okay girl just keep on concentrate you know what you have to do good girl no okay how big the fitness good thank goodness has come ahead first holy mackerel okay push the rest of it out honey Oh this is a job and a half horse that's out I'm not pulling anything out just waiting for her to push him out oh good girl okay good girl good girl oh okay we got to push them out mom you like the head out now we have to get the rest out we have to push the rest don't come on push the rest out come on get those contractions going okay come on okay more contraptions coming by push push sapphire had the same problem by the time we got to the vets she had pushed it all up but she had pushed bag time little female really sweet you see now she ever had okay come on coming Oh coming one more push one oh good good good good like I got the pilot holy macaroni

you did it you did it oh you did oh my goodness you did it Oh beautiful beautiful absolutely beautiful Oh wonderful wonderful female hope female and so healthy doesn't email think she's help oh oh I love it love it I'm so happy oh look at her isn't she gorgeous oh she's healthy she's breathing everything is fine look at Jesus farted oh he's adorable look at all the water this I would say seven ounces that's way I despite picking up oh my goodness look at the Atlas this feels like seven ounces this feels like big as the other one that they're a week old yeah they're porkers because there's only the two of them look at all the water Hey look at all the water she she's much too puppies Oh beautiful look at that didn't look at that oh no no no I don't want you eating anything right now honey no no no no just little babies Clementine you just look baby I don't want you eating anything don't want you pulling anything oh look it Oh wonderful

[Music] you you you you you you you you you you