10 October 2018

Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 - Fun Animals Care Kids Game - Play Tropical Pet Makeover Games For Girls

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uncle animal hair salon - Aloha

[Music] come back every day and get more fun [Applause] [Music] welcome to the jungle [Music] my name's Maya let's change my style I'm feeling dizzy remove it please [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] very nice choose a hairstyle for me [Music] [Music] do some accessories on it [Music] my name's Ross looks great [Music] lovely my name is myapplet welcome to the jungle what colors will you choose [Music] now decorate it the way you bite it's awesome you're the best [Music] welcome to the jungle [Music] hi my name is Giselle ah my hair is a mess

can you help me brush it please can you trim my hair [Music] Wow choose the best hair style for me [Music] hey Amy what do you think you look great is that hi can you change my style [Music] so cool awesome [Music] fantastic [Music] hi my name is Giselle Wow [Music] let's get rid of that bad smell [Music] can you fetch my teeth for some water please thank you for your help [Music] hi my name is Jim [Music] welcome to the jungle hi can you be my stylist my hair is a mess can you help me apply the shampoo I love water Russia please [Music] [Applause]

you trim my hair bring my hand you're doing apply some eyeshadow please [Music] mascara for a false lash effect [Applause] I want to be a fashionista I love these shoes [Music]