07 November 2018

Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 Tropical Pet Makeover -Fun Animal Care Game

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jungle animal hair salon - Aloha welcome

to the jungle hi my name is Giselle such a relaxing day huh I am so angry can you wash me shower time [Music] it feels great thank you I feel so refreshed [Music] now choose a color you like [Music] looks amazing good job your bonus coins hi my name is Giselle ah my hair is a mess can you help me brush it please can you trim my hair oh wow it was much better now choose the best hairstyle for me I see [Music] gorgeous I like this one super Wow Wow hey Amy what do you think you look great Giselle hi my name is Giselle welcome to the jungle hi I'm Sara oh I love taking your bath rinse it please [Music] chocolate mask is my favorite let's wait a couple minutes apply the coconut oil please I really need a pedicure file my nails [Music] hi I'm Sarah oh I wish I had long hair

oh wow brush it please which tool you use [Music] let's do the puzzle [Music] you are the best hi I'm Sara dress me up please nice turn are you a stylist amazing so nice perfect so nice unlike this one I like this one are you a stylist gorgeous cool I love it thank you hi I'm Sarah welcome to the jungle my name is Maya let's change my style [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] thank you my name is Maya let's change my style choose the hairstyle for me I love it not dyes the way you like [Music] she's some accessories please I love it [Music] Wow my name is Maya let's change my site banana banana

I said please turn on the blender [Music] can't wait to try it my name is Maya [Music] welcome to the jungle hello what can I get for you choose your drink please we need a pineapple for this drink slice it now peel it great cut it into small pieces [Music] awesome put it in the blender pour some coconut milk add one spoon of sugar great now blend everything together [Music] crack the coconut it's almost done good job it's delicious oh yes welcome to the jungle [Music]