03 November 2019

K-9 Dog training on all four odors / Dog love and care.

Training K-9 Harley on all four odor's, Math, Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine. Teach your kids to say no to drugs. Not every dog can do this. Your dog has to have ...


hey guys this brain that was Russell woodworking family today we're gonna be working with the dogs I could told you last time that we put a lot of work and training into the narcotic dogs mine are only single purpose and there's a lot of time that goes into it you have to work with them with their odor and their since we've got to carry so many hours a month of training all this is about working with them playing and Lebanon that's why they do this I'm gonna show you a couple things that hear hear a little bit about the balls and stuff they know that when they're around that odor that is their ball that they're looking for because they know that's the ball they get to praise for they get to loving for so I'm gonna show you that here in just a few minutes and when you're when you're messing with these odor racks you will you never touch them with your bare hands touching them with your bare hands you will cross contaminate with the odors and you don't want to do that especially when you're training so what I will do is I'll go ahead took love's on and I'll go ahead go to this we're going to start off with the met boater now that I got the meth

odor I'm going to go ahead and we're gonna set it on a vehicle and let it sit a little bit that way the odor has time to go ahead and reach out let me figure out which vehicle will put this on and then we'll get to it the next owner won't go with it's going to be the the cocaine odor and I'm going to put this into a magnet box and they'll put it up underneath the vehicle or or somewhere that he has to work really hard to get to so then the next soda we're fixin to go ahead and put out we're also gonna use it in a magnet box and it's gonna be a heroin it's a heroin odor these magnet boxes work really well especially if you're going to Honda the odor underneath vehicles anything metal the the metal boxes work really well the last hour we're going to use it's going to be more so now that we have all four odors out I'm gonna go ahead and take these this pair of gloves off you go through a lot of gloves but you do not want to cross contaminate your odors not only that then your odors not on your hands when you get your dog out and start training with thing so like I said before that

these dogs work for the ball to play with them they just want the love and care but I'm going to show you because once you start training a dog you're starting out on the tennis ball and you'll see that as I work with Roxy so I've got a bag of tennis balls here like say once you start working with dogs you'll start with the tennis balls to get their ball drives up get them on odor and I'm just going to stick some of these tennis balls out around the yard here and while I do that is I don't want him to get distracted by I want him to work for his ball he knows no matter what balls out there if his odor is not there he's not even give it any time at all because he's gonna work all the way to the odor and he knows that's what he's going to get paid for he knows that his reward [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now what I'm gonna show you this was his bowl that he was using so what I'm gonna do now is we're gonna go back to one of these vehicles here and I'm gonna reward him with this ball and see how he acts there's nothing this ball is just like the ones we just pulled out of the package [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] on this man I showed you here anything have reward too but the odors got to be there this part here is you want to make sure when they actually smell the odor on the open-air sniff that they actually get in pinpoint you want it to be pinpointed okay you need a dog to work it out work to the strongest smell [Music] so you see how he's off a little bit I mean set them back a little bit so what I'm gonna do is I want to sit here until he actually scoots up through the

closest point that he can get to the post as he can with that over his feel it's real time-consuming but this is a lenient with your working your dog [Music] so what we're going to do now is we're just going to do some conditioning we'll condition for a little bit and then we'll move on to the next guys as you can see it's getting a little bit late it takes quite a bit of time training training one dog much less to basic it Roxy out and throw her ball a little bit and I'm gonna introduce her with some lights she's never seen red and blue light so I'm gonna go ahead and turn him on tonight and see if she gets too distracted with the lights or how she's doing with that I've been meaning to make some videos on her obedience training and our odor turning but it's just tom has been the problem it's really time consuming making these videos it takes a lot of time there's a lot of time in for making the videos especially if it's just you getting the camera in the right spot so what we're going to do is go ahead and let her out yeah yeah oh so I'm gonna go ahead uh-huh I'm

gonna go ahead and get her odor bowl [Music] people literally eat anything she'd take off with anything alright guys it's getting kind of late I was hoping to get back down here and was able to train with Roxy while we still had some daylight it's starting to get pretty dark so we will try to make a video working with Roxy tomorrow I'm going to do some night stuff but just it's hard to see it not specially with the camera but thank you for watching this video if you have not yet please hit subscribe button below and we'll see you next time [Music]