09 September 2019

KC Pet Project - Dog Adoption

MELVIE6 adopts a dog from KC Pet Project #YouTubeKids #KCPetProject #AdoptDontShop.

Thank You KC pet project all right where

we have boys where I can be pet project I have a bunch of puppies what are we doing here we're picking up Rex and we're driving it all right we're here who's excited why are you excited what's in there is a oh yeah we hear you need to go on a walk you need to take them back to fine all right Isaiah what are you got in your bag he's Danielle what do you have the collar the collar all right let's go [Applause] Ballack relax see what are you waiting on what are you waiting on okay get back to your nap get back to your waiting for the dog is he a good puppy we're gonna take him home all right this is your last day here at the dog pound you gonna go home he's been adopted by these three lovely boys everybody say jqk see project [Applause] [Music] now let it meet what do you guys think and you're gonna like it because guess who's gonna be cleaning up everything

hey boys let him let him shoot that little bit that's there yep he finished at what I think his main goal isn't finished all the water uh no he does not need any more food right now or he's gonna get sick and get a bellyache he's I they don't put his toys on the couch leave his toys on the floor so he knows that he's [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] read Isaiah I dare run [Music]