21 April 2018

Kennels Jenkins:.....Bufurrrd Told On His Self!! He placed His Self In Room 926....J4K

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[Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] now I'm about to play the video Scilab and the hotel rock that's so voice we just heard the left we just heard - laughs well now we've gone it's our life and we're gonna hear the same exact laughs ah shit you not [Applause] [Applause] okay now listen Rob there's so voicing my brother there's so laughs someone questioning your voice but that's a laugh hands there ain't nobody heard you talking but that's your laughs you even said it was a laugh because you basically told on yourself when straight drop was on his life and you was all alive more alive roastin chose the Kings you was gone you let everybody dying laughing you was nasty boom straight jump recognizes Oh laughs went back to the tile live video and heard the same exact laugh so boom he brought this into the life when he brings shit to the light saying that Jews in this room yo ass get mad start blowing up top of sitt threaten them all fuckers cuz you

got caught in really handy and I was 26 but you just say 26 don't get it home and you started laughing you did that to be funny and that's the only reason why I'm me that's why I got your laugh from that Pacific clip when you say you're now 26 don't get it wrong but y'all do because you would not want standing next time laughing what's the no girl no the song wasn't her drink it started tripping he started cracking up you feel what I'm saying you was in that room man you know what the fuck go alone that's why you ran the chosen came to shut up though we're different narratives here and would it confused everybody got everybody off track now everybody all youtubers is beefing with each other motherfuckers don't even get a rind on water you understand motherfuckers you just respect people but you and your partner to fuck this shit all up and got everybody going against each other no Sam yeah you make yourself look guilty Margie you posed to be so gangster so oh you make yourself look guilty just like release my straight job said this was all and

in this video what did you do blew the fuck down killing a kid I'm to understand a 30-day Vaughn afraid to resell ignoring the babies I know wait why are you threatening them Dane do shit to you I know where this girl live at how you know where her kids go to school that I know where she picked her kids up from school you threatening these people and I said to you but you want to kill him you make yourself look guilty my dude I read through all that bullshit my name and I'm younger than you but my mentality way beyond yours act like a new ass here you ain't no gangster gangster don't call the police gangsters don't tell they they they of subscribers and shit and my father that was nearing you to go call the police and make false accusations you feel right you a sucker for that shit my nigga but she was in that room you told him yourself you place yourself in that room when you toast rate job that he put yo laughs that he edits your laugh into that Tyra roll the video and he had to go debunk yo ass and go to youtube and go to a random video an old video from when the first referring a

shit first drop and it's the same exact laugh so how could that man edit over to his video when he presented it to us when we got knowledge of that was a laugh how could he how could he do that he do busted your ass my G and that's why you every day making a life going against motherfuckers cuz they ain't no buying on your back when I'm gonna butcher one pot ain't nobody got sold back room but my folks is overlooking the fact that she was in that room motherfuckers overlooking effect that you told her yourself to toaster a drug that he edit that motherfucker laughing to that video but motherfucks overlook that motherfuckers overlook that cuz ain't nobody talking about her no but that's why I'm I'm bringing a light back I'm shitting like that gonna shakers using her name I pay attention to what you say how you say you feel I'm saying everybody just listening to you laughing hee hee ha ha you know saying but I go over to shit every single day and I listen to sushi I catch certain shit you tell me yourself every day and guess what nobody would have never known if he was in that

room if you ain't open your mouth all you gotta do is keep your mouth shut the national problem you talk too much my do you talk to us you get yourself caught up in this bullshit that's why you're gonna kill Teresa the Lord and the babies why what'd they do to you you must have something to do with a daughter Dean they sister you feel them soon I know cold pussy any opposed to being her own cookies in order enough to be your day forward Megan then let's coming from a little younger than you lick it probably old enough to be my dad like straight up like I hadn't been to the face in their time thinking I'm my old man and young nigga body my nigga straight up but she was an heirloom man you know something you had something to do with something bro soon as that little girl started that Alice was just looking started figuring out what the fuck was in her drink talking about what his dad looking on the floor trying to see what it was like he started laughing niggas and I won't never forget that one video you made when you used to talk about my drops on top here right you know motherfucker Bill Cosby and all

this crazy is here lady I come on you do this shit you you you be doing shit like that man like straight up you fuck though you were fucked up individual my dude but you wanna blame this shit on everybody else I try to throw it narrative so everybody else can believe that you ain't have shit to do Lee or you went in that room he was in that room and I won't everybody the motherfucking like this shit subscribe to this shoot and shares she has spread the word for justice for Connie Kim I think straight up so mountains base and I'll be thinking another video real soon know some real see a hundred percent facts proof and that's what I stand up thinking if it ain't proof facts and I want to hear what I hear say out the window well fuck ones I'll be back on this bitch I'll go check out my last video - if you ain't checked it out where I shed the light on my motherfuckin dragon kickin that motherfucking freezer right straight up that was part of my very very first video but motherfuckers I don't see shit out cease it well I just broke it down even better so you can't

see it and understand what I'm talking about and you tell me what you see so go check this one you wanna check my last video out and be waiting on for more to come I'm up the small hook