26 April 2017

Kid Collection my Walking Pet Puppy Dog

Check out the cutest little walking, barking, tail wagging little puppy! Thank you for watching Planet Kids Toyz. Please leave a like and subscribe.


hi Jordan back and you see this pink adorable puppy eyes with that quick kind of babies puppies but oh so you got this puppy from Walmart today and all the guys I love you too you have to see this is my walking picked from the kid collection a musket size ppm blowing oh yeah you love to do so this pop walks and wag his tail or her tail remote control leash that's cool so the kid connection Tory their kid approved and those were fun easy to understand with no complicated instructions these durable toys keep you and your children happy Wow Wow Tilly belfry awesome join him in whispers remember that his purse right what's her name ah and now his net mask listen mmm sibel girl very good so we'll get it off oh my goodness that's some good velcro make sure it's not on demo switch but on on switch oh so there's a switch right there right now it's on demo so we're going to turn it to on so yes there are no Lord strange never got to hear this mate in BC BC buddy [Applause] so this one is tail and this one's wok

is right on there sitting hockey team's a tail and walk so let's see the tail Wow you definitely can hear the puppy from far way and then you can go walk around the house with her walking with your which is sure every when the puppy real fast so the puppy has a caller and they soft red oh you got this nice black and white way and there's also a very hairy white one so this was like a little dirtier guy my girl she's a cutie patootie do you know you have a cute little pop of green all right yeah that was a good price too at Walmart it was like $15 in our store just like the real one died yeah so they are guilty for kid collection sorry sweet Linux and also if you wanted to say Tommy is right now I'm gonna second commandment a you need your Emma very nice only to know her hand back a close to very good buy it down so cute well thank you for watching art opening view of her new pet come here then let's do ruff-ruff-ruff [Applause]