10 September 2013

Kidnapping a Girl

To pay back a debt to a drug dealer, Alex and Robert must kidnap the 6-year-old daughter of a politician for ransom money. The boys are most definitely not in ...

I need you to kidnap that loved girl for

me sweet Jessica this is it this is it it's good school it's a really nice school we have to do this yes we have to do this we have to do this or you get a bullet in your head and I get a bullet in my other one who should be getting a bullet in the head unmarked graves what time to school that's our lives on the line for 30 times right now 10:30 and then you go and then I go oh oh you're the one who did it you're the one who's responsible I don't know I'm the one responsible you're the one who tried to every get a drug that doesn't exist I helped us out otherwise he was going to literally have sex with us I went in there and I was like can I Jessica's schedule and they were like are they said yes Kahoot I was like I don't know I forgot I forgot her name driver yeah I was like bond like cute young girl hazelnut eyes and they were like they didn't come to you they looked at me weird how's mine go back just put it back I can't put it back focus Bell's gonna ring it does you go grab her real quick I might bring her back here I'm getting you talking about people to say hey Jessica I remember me killed your cat we enacted a Nazi scene

in your backyard you made us up in your bedroom all of which when your parents weren't home yeah but kept it up a little cuz that's the most depressing thing I've ever heard make it fun make it one owns you get her you're getting her why am i gay I'm driving uh what I have to drive the car a little bit idling so you can you want to drive no well you can't have your cake and eat it too are you drunk you want to drive you on kidnap Jessica just because I like the feeling of being driven I know she goes kiss together are you kidding me get any car how are we going oh we're going to get ice cream yay you've been watching Phineas and Ferb lately Jessica yeah I wish I was a platypus we dress Platt past cold zone uh-huh we're not going to cold son sweetheart we're going to uh go to Ben & Jerry's yeah I like cold stone well sometimes you have to betray yourself and everything you believe in I'm a platypus I'm a platypus by Jessica Jessica was fun hanging with you bye

well we're yeah we gotta get out of the city