12 January 2019

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princess gloria horse club - hello i am

princess gloria but every day and get more coins [Applause] [Music] welcome to the horse club [Music] this is splash can you take care of him [Music] brush off the dirt please apply shampoo [Music] [Laughter] great much better now brush his hair can you take care of his suit take a wrap and higher chances [Music] the time heel it's perfect now splashes back in the sea can you decorate his home [Music] welcome to the horse club oh no I look terrible can you help me it's time to take a bath pop the bubbles and soft the soap please [Music] apply shaving cream [Music] now shave it [Music] let's take care of my beer save it it feels great

[Music] apply the face mask cucumbers for some freshness [Music] now let's wash my hair rinse it oh my I look great brush my hair please thank you so much now I am ready to get married welcome to the horse club [Music] let's do this part first remove the nails now remove the old shoe clean the hoop brush it [Music] you're doing great trim excess hoof wall take the wraps and five wow it's golden secure shoe in its place with nails [Music] it's almost done remove the nail tip brush it horses play more and get more trophies [Music] well them to the horse Club let's make a horseshoe first we need some sense mix it with water [Music] smooth it grapes now let's make a farm fill the farm please

wait for a couple of minutes [Music] take a hammer hit it [Music] now cool it down horseshoe is done rates now rush it put the nails now camera the pass remove the nail tips polish it to make it shiny wow you did it horseshoe looks amazing play more and get more trophies [Music] welcome to the horse club [Music] Able's please lunch batter sweep the floor [Music] don't forget the spiderwebs now get rid of this dust it's almost done you helped me throw mud welcome to the horse club once upon a time in a land far away a beautiful baby princess was born the king and queen were so happy and proud they decided to name her Gloria to keep her safe from harm the Queen gave Gloria her own magical necklace that would protect her one night a spiteful witch who hated the king snuck into the castle and kidnapped little Gloria the which left Gloria deep in the woods a local farrier

accidentally found glory on the forest and raised her as his own daughter she grew up poor but happy surrounded by nature and horses that became her best friends many years later as Gloria was walking through the woods a royal carriage approached it was the king and queen who immediately recognized Gloria's necklace when they looked closely at her face they knew that she was their daughter and so the long-lost princess was returned to the kingdom and to her loving parents but she never forgot what it was like to be poor and she never lost her love for horses this is the story of princess Gloria welcome to the horse Club this is silver take care of her please [Music] brush your coat very good now wash her apply shampoo she loves water berry salad now dry the coat look how white she is sprinkle some badges die [Music] let's paint the flute [Music] very nice

[Music] Gela she looks adorable bonus coins now change her style the way you like wow it looks great very nice [Music] welcome to the horse club decorate the church light the candles I love flowers [Music] [Applause] Wow such a beautiful ring some final touches and we are ready just nice crown apply lipstick please get ready for a kiss [Music] you may now kiss the bride [Music] [Applause] [Music] and they lived happily ever after welcome to the horse club princess Gloria horse club - hello I am princess Gloria [Music]