18 January 2018

Kids Go Dog Sitting! ( Stepped on Poop!) (not clickbait)

Yesterday we went dog sitting! It was awesome! We walked a Great Pyrenees and he was so playful! We are going to do lots of dog sitting! Go Follow Us On ...

I wanted cents he had met your brother's

right now we have a dog right now we're a dog sitting a dog pretty cool we're gonna bring you with you with my mom my mom's the one that's taking the dog the dog is really nice Jed Yeti you what what breed is it it's us some kind of pipe fire nice I think the boy I think you [Music] I have to go get my luggage so cold come on we're gonna go get the ball give us uh oh we're gonna go get her stuff forgot the balls and gloves gloves you not everyone I'm getting my stuff you don't even know how cool it is out here no say it feels like it's eight degrees out here it's Dooley like 15 degrees it's so here using these globs right here it's so cool that we get to see a dog that guys like the biggest dog I've ever seen then Dobby right he's like 40 inches wide you got 40 inches Harlan oh my god I mean like we know the BART is hard I'm gonna take you guys with me okay oh I don't use these things we can take them to the dog park I told you it would be nice run run let's go I know let's go to a dog park there's a dog park comment below feet we

should take the dogs to the dog park are loud let's do it let's do it on the way back it's really heavy 110 pounds $120 dog iDate I'm definitely I'm pretty sure to a girl it actually good it acts like a boy but it's I think it might be a girl ever guys I think I'm gonna get I'm gonna I'm gonna stop the video now I'm gonna get with you guys what I said when we're done doing this okay so um stay tuned and bye I'll be back with you guys in a little okay we are back in action yeah we're back in action we're gonna play with the dog in the dog park they went over there watch if you step on poop let's see if he'll drop this stick I think he's doing its own thing no I let him let him be for a little bit there's poop a lot so do you think it's a boy I just noticed it's a boy I just noticed that the dog is not your boy let's see if he goes for the ball that's why I'm gonna title this llama this thing I'm standing on dog poop Yeti he's fast let's see if you'll come with us yeah finally find a boy or girl as a boy - boy oh boy okay

what breed you guys make sure you guys maybe Colleen maybe a collie I think it might be a collie with a border collie of collie yeah I think I'll call you my hands are freezing it's so cold outside have gloves have like double layers let's eat let's go hey this you fetch yeah you do your thing he's just smiling around the dog park that's why what do you like doing but he still likes running and playing forget it what Oh if a Ronde rods up if you'll run he runs let's go Yeti oh look there's a creep behind here that's so cool you might be tired already yeah if you need to learn to pick up the poop and dog barks let me out right running in the dog park oh oh why so fast hey say hi to the vlogger she said I to the vlog yeah so cool Ben yeah run run run thank you I think he's gonna come he does I think he's ready to play I didn't want to stop this video right now so let's say bye Noah things we love so much my mom needs to say something I'm

so happy that they're doing me through this adventure there help me out we finally we started homeschooling again so we just wanted to do like our own stuff and learn from her house so we started homeschooling and that's all we really have to say so let's say bye now bye bye everyone all the fans of NC adventurers bye