24 September 2016

Killer Cats, Sitting To EDM, Virginia: Week Wrap-Up Journal: September 12th - September 19th, 2016

Tl;dw: Killer cats under my bed, people sitting down and clapping to dance music, and much more. N'joy :D Social Links: http://www.djveaux.com/ ...


hey guys this is DJ vu coming at you from Virginia in one of the venues getting ready for the show may not be a shout just seeing how just absolutely sold out right now if i sold out there's like two people one of them being the San check there so he figured so I got a couple minutes cord I can think the main talkie part of this blog splash some of the snapchat video has been taken from the trip through up the next parts yeah head back and see if anybody shows up in the next 10-15 days for that so in terms of Virginia I guess I should probably get to any tracks i got that I got kind of a chill kind of maybe seven Lions esque remix Adele's hello actually have remix it how style while back but the vocals definitely sound a little bit out of place coming out 130 BPM such as I to do something a little bit slower so that was the studio part and then in terms of Virginia so you know I'm gonna give you the quick overview what's been happening the last few days I can tell you it was a quick little story about Matt sweat I had last night I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life until last night but I guess so spoil the story long the short of it

I guess there was a cat under my bed but I didn't know there was a cat there and I said neighbors and the owners for whatever reason hadn't seen it for two years but i guess they know there's about so they didn't warn me so halfway through the night for a collector hear it oh like what the hell is that and then of course you know I hear a few more times and like okay it's not outside it's definitely in my room and holy crap it's under my bed not knowing it was a can of course I was like I don't know I'm in the middle boonesville here because we're actually not staying in hotels we're staying with host families who live on farms so I'm like okay process of elimination or statistically I'm guessing it's probably a bad so kind of wet with that assumption so still kept hearing that sound yeah yeah so I figured okay I don't know what would cross my mind but I'm gonna videotape this so I have audio proof that there's something under my bed as I Richard to grab the phone start recording here and I just I wasn't I just right into the bathroom closed door slammed it and just start painting like crazy as it was super late and I

actually have contact so i can't really see it really well so even if it was a cat I don't be no way i can remove that later Mike dark contacts can't see anything so yeah I think with no stories out of the way i'm going to show you the Baptist gig that went really well and some of the low light some of the other venues I don't think I'll ever see people enjoying dance music like this ever again back in seattle now actually recording this cuz editing the video as you speak right here the figure needed to edit it out in a better way so hope you guys enjoyed roll quick vlog virginia didn't have a photon the whole time so didn't catch every single moment hopefully so you're gonna give you a good picture look at the quantity of it all of the little tour so that hope you guys had an awesome week yourselves gonna be a short studio week before doing a little gig on friday and yeah look at some videotapes of that one for the next vlog so with that spin your boy convoy ok did you setting out till next time keep it off you guys