26 March 2018


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we're still off of elbow ki but the wind started picking up like crazy and switch direction a little more from the West so we moved around to the south side of the island so we're a little bit protected it's been kind of a nasty day just windy and rainy it's poured last night for we're really here we got to go grocery shopping we're like out of food that's the whole reason we came to hometown but it was close we got here on Sunday and it was closed and today a poured is were kind of far we might wait till this afternoon or tomorrow but the good news is super windy we're right over by this place called Tahiti beach in front of us and it looks like a cool spot to go kite so I'm gonna go for kinda thing [Music] you [Music] [Applause] one of the many ways we say water on the boat is by washing everything with salt water and rinsing with fresh water including ourselves Billy is demonstrating how to shower off the boat at Sierra's turn for the thumbnail we had a rough night last night it got

super windy and we had a charter cat in front of us and some big rocks behind us so we didn't sleep very much yeah it was really really really windy we didn't drag we had two anchors out and the guy in front of us didn't drag either so everything went smooth but we didn't sleep much we were constantly up looking around making sure we weren't dragging so we're gonna go get some groceries finally gonna do what we came here to do in hometown and get some groceries we're not sure I think Marsh Harbor would be a better place to provision so we're gonna check out hope town and if the prices for groceries are super expensive we'll kind of just get what we need for a few days and then we will probably head over to Marsh Harbor in a few days and really load up and we're gonna try to get some bait so we did go fishing I supposed to get a lighter throughout the day light tomorrow and then I think light for the next few days we might have some nice waves tomorrow so maybe we'll surf that would be awesome super excited all right here we go grocery shopping in hometown I don't know they're gonna let you in my grocery

store Jenny you're excited aren't ya you missed your chance jetty perfect timing over there is there a place that Mike and the only mean I got this bacon and like ones chicken all right we got all our gear on the D we're loaded up you ready going fishing gonna catch some dinner come all right we're just anchored up in this little cut there's a bunch of rocks around and I think some reef and stuff waters flowing incoming tide we got some squid we got some shrimp gonna catch some fish I'm trying to take the camera out is it stay stay good job porky or grunt or something [Music] we weren't having too much success in that cut and we tried a few different spots in there so we just came right out into the ocean a little bit of swell out here moderate offshore winds not too bad a little more quality fish it seems like in here what do you think Sierra we got a yellowtail and Terra had a little tiny grouper on so maybe I don't know hopefully somewhere you'll tell or something and the shirt took him took Sierras too broke the line and that's a wrap we got a couple fish

we're gonna eat tonight okay we're back we caught some dinner Billy is filleting it we saved some bait to see if we can use their filleted heads and tails to catch somebody else do we have our little fillet table going on back and we have a shark that came to visit dinner is served we decided that tonight wouldn't be the best night to shower in the water we'll be showering you know normal shower thank you guys thank you guys so much for watching thank you for coming along on the adventure with us this is the first time in our lives where we can actually do this full-time because of you guys and we might still lifeguard this year we're not sure yet that's only two months out of a whole entire year but because you guys we can travel and make videos for you and we're super excited about that so thank you guys if you guys want to support and you don't know how the easiest things to do or just like the videos comment below and make sure you're subscribed you can also share these videos with your friends on your social media that helps us out a lot something else that doesn't cost any money and really help support us is just

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importantly make sure you guys comment below with what you like to see in our videos what you don't like to see we've been trying to do a good mix of kind of our travels our day to day story or the highlights of our day to day story and some who throw some history in there because there's some really cool history about the places that we visit so we put a little smidge of history in there and even some educational stuff so like stuff like how to open the bridge with a VHF radio some kind of intro to boating or intro to cruising stuff when we see it appropriate I'd like to talk about some more products that we use all the time not just products that are sponsors but products that we use day to day that you might not know about or maybe we could teach you about them a little bit so I'd like to do a little bit more about that but let us know what you guys want to see what you like what you don't like what you want to see more of thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you next time [Music]