06 November 2016

Lakewood's Broken Promise of "Quality Healthcare"

In this video, Trish Defabbo tells the story of her husband's healthcare crisis as he was transferred from Lakewood's "Emergency Department" to an overcrowded ...

okay um Dan and Trisha favo in Lakewood

your husband had a high fever so what happened after that right he had a high fever and so I called my daughter and she said well you need to take him to the hospital so I called Fairview because I thought Lakewood was closed I didn't think it was open anymore but so I called Fairview at the emergency room and told him you know that my husband had a triple bypass and he was running a fever Fairview emergency said take your husband to Lakewood Hospital and I said but I didn't think they're open and she said no you can stare er is still open and there's a four-hour wait for us and he Matt might not make it if his fevers going up that much so she really didn't know we just she just said a man 70 with a high temperature is not a good sign so we took him to Lakewood so I just I was really upset because my husband has a high fever and they tell me it's dangerous and then they tell me to take him to Lakewood and Lakewood tells me yeah we'll help him but we can't we're not really equipped to take care of him were you able to draw you were able to drive him to Lakewood yes and you could have driven him to theorem I could have

driven him to Fairview and I wanted to drive him to Fairview but Lakewood sort of guilted me in saying that if I was taking the chance of not being able to give him medical assistance if he needed it on what is it the three mile the three mile drive and I said well insurance doesn't cover the ambulance I know because last time you guys did this to me I ended up with a four hundred dollar bill and they said no the insurance will cover it so they wanted you to transfer him in an emergency vehicle yeah Donald Martin's ambulance they didn't want you to drive him there yourself yeah yeah and also they didn't know when the the bed was gonna be ready mm-hmm so they ended up having a bed ready at two o'clock in the morning so he was there with 8 9 hours so you took him to Lakewood Hospital it was about 4 5 Edwin Donald Martin's took him there was no one in the back of the ambulance taking care of him they just put him in there and drove him over I would have taken better care of him and not charged $800 $800 that's what the charge the bill was yes 7 little over $800 it was

three miles and they charged $14 per mileage oh they charged $14 a mile for three miles and then the fee for a non-emergency fee was 765 so that was the total bill so they were calling it a non-emergency so so it seems like I could have taken him but they told me I couldn't that he might have a I don't know and how much are you liable for $300 so it would have saved you $300 if there was no transfer all right it would have saved me $300 and and they just put him in the back of the vehicle no IV or anything right he had no ID or anything to go over and you could have just as easily transferred him in your own car yes I couldn't yeah so if there was a full-service hospital in Lakewood the circumstances would have been different yeah they would have would have taken him there mm-hmm they would have said oh we need to transfer him upstairs and he would have stayed there and they would have had the same doctors because it still Cleveland Clinic doctors mm-hmm and instead you've got you know your husband's got 103 temperature and he's flying in bed wondering when he's going to be transferred and you know how did you

feel as you were laying in bed there wondering when your transfer was going you were were you able to get any rest in that time or were you anticipating this transfer wondering when it was going to happen so it would have been a lot nicer you would have gotten more rest if you if you were put in a bed that you knew you were gonna be in and without the transfers right plus they had more specialists at Fairview they could try and diagnose him the the doctors at the ER in Lakewood weren't as skilled as the doctors that you would have in a full-service hospital right so that troubled you that was Bob I was in the back of your mind the whole time the idea that you're kind of in a holding pattern yeah and you don't know what's wrong with with him mm-hmm and you haven't reached the final destination you know you eventually have to get to therapy yeah and they you know they said that that high of the fever was not good so yeah it was very stressful cuz as it was you know he was in the hospital for almost a week and yeah yeah we're too big of a city not to have a hospital and I feel sorry for people that don't drive what

are they gonna do Lakewood is a town of a lot very diverse we have a lot of older people we have a lot of younger people we have a lot of people that don't even own cars because we have such good public transportation but we need a hospital