06 August 2019

Landry is Going to Doggy Daycare!!

so we got a good amount of shit move so

far today but I just got off the phone with ya doggy daycare from the little princess over there and fuckin 60 bucks huh 60 fuckin dollars but that's for the first day after that's 45 hours a day for all day which I'll need because I'm gonna have a full-time job every fucking day of the week during the week so I'm gonna need to buy it one of their fucking packages they got Britain Bronze Silver Gold and Platinum which it's you know one two three and five days which I'm gonna need five days a week so it's probably gonna end up cost me fucking three to four hundred dollars a week well if it's forty five for all day and it's gonna be all day for five that comes out to twenty and 225 so instead there's a discount when you buy the packages and the better package you buy the better discount you get so who knows maybe I'll be able to get a package that you know maybe bring it down from two and a quarter to maybe 150 that'd be nice you know you gotta give her a bath you know I got grooming services they got all kinds of shit there so imma take her over there at 9:30 no it can be up north

in North County from ahead of you at 11:30 and that would be plenty of time for me to you know catch a boat breakfast you know be able to relax prepare yeah so I'm uh I'm ready I'm ready for all the fucking good things that are about to happen to me way too much shit my entire fucking life to be done with this shit at 37 years old [Applause] and you know honestly I think part of it part of the reason why good things are starting to happen is because I did slow down on that much drinking I was doing I ain't in comparison did I stop out a percent no I'm having a drink now but you know I opened this bottle last night not in that much of it just a few drinks it's a matter of controlling how much you're willing to imbibe upon then I drew the guy so so I got her least uh hey another vacation quit your lickin so I got Landry taken care of but more than I wanted to spend but you know it is what it is

oh I know is I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure I pass all their tests with flying colors I like to say that I'm smart well in essence they're gonna see just how fucking smart I am and I'm guessing how well I do is gonna determine for one how fast I get an offer of a job to what level of job that is you know what it's doing and three what level of Bay be good if they put me through all this just for a warehouse job that makes no sense right I mean why would they put somebody through a four-and-a-half-hour and make you aware look you it's gonna be four to four and a half hours of testing all these different thing which means no cigarettes but who knows maybe this is my ticket to being able to quit smoking cigarettes oh I know is good things are on the horizon because I believe in myself and I believe in my ability to do great things and to be great so I will be little yes started small so tomorrow not too dull you dig here days