13 March 2016

LARGE Care Bears Surprise Egg with LPS Fashems Doc McStuffins, Palace Pets, Lalaloopsy

Large Care Bears Play-Doh Surprise Egg Littlest Pet Shop Fashems Palace Pets Lalaloopsy Doc McStuffins + More.

hey guys this is I see fun toys I've

gotta share bear Care Bear play-doh surprise egg I'm going to open with surprise toys like LITTLEST PET SHOP doc McStuffins lala loopsy and of course Care Bears so let's begin ok here she is this is share bear and I am going to take her apart take off her little belly badge which is lollipops crossed in the front take that off and then I will just open her up and see what she's got in there k here we go okay and I told you she's filled and let's see what she's got in here she has inside of her as I said yes Care Bears doc McStuffins oh she has soft spots lalaloopsy palace steps sitting in my pocket and she's also got mushrooms will do the matching purse okay it's nillas pet shop mashems series 1 and it has a possibility of six different characters will open up and see which one we have let's see we have in here we have pepper here is pepper there she is I was talking about pepper in hell when she gets nervous then people can't be around her because she lets all the smell we know what that is okay so i'll put her over here when he moved the rest of the stuff to the side okay let me move this off the wall okay okay okay here i have kitty in my pocket

and this is series one and I think it has a possibility of 24 but we'll see let's see what's in here okay oh look isn't she cute yes he is I don't they don't have no they didn't have anything that oh they do have something no they don't have anything to identify her here she is she's a great cute little kitty he is with a little scarf around her neck she is we'll put her next to pepper the both gray ok I have Palace pets we're going to open this is series 3 and there is a possibility i think it 1 2 3 4 5 99 different characters then something up and see what we have we have oh I think this is where pump Lucy this is right here she is gleam and gleam belongs to Rapunzel this is she cute look at her ok I'll put her next to the little kitty and we'll go on to a Lalaloopsy lalaloopsy has a possibility of 24 characters will open up and see which one we have oh here we are I don't think I don't have this one yet she looks like she's a mermaid I see little fish fin there she's cute turn her around what if she can sit down on all we'll see but her here no she does not ok I'll put her there we also have soft spots and this

is series 2 soft spots and it's a possibility of 24 different 2 characters let's open it up and see if they come with a little think a little bottle on a little lesson a little let's see what we have here here oh it's a little green little puppy ok like a greenish greenish yellow with sup with spots and here's the little bottle that comes with it he almost runs in with the background here ok let's see what the what the message is in the bottle ok the message says it says do a good deed so that's the little message in this little container put it back in here and I don't think they give us her nickname cute and I don't see anything in the bag so we'll put him next to lalaloopsy with his message and let me take out I have doc McStuffins and I have Care Bear we will do doc first doc is this is series 3 and the possibility of 5 10 13 characters with a possible rare one so let's see which one we have I haven't had to use my sister's yet however okay let's see who this is this is teddy look this is teddy right here and teddy is really Donny's little little pet toys toy yeah he's Donny's toy look at them oh so this is my first one time getting

teddy sweet and then the last one we have that we're going to open up okay Teddy Teddy steady steady steady he's my kids that the last one is care there this is the pearlized edition which is series 3 and there's a possibility of nine one two three four five nine with the possible rare cheese fair I would like to get the rare chase bear we'll see what I can't though let's see okay which one is it oh they're so pretty look at it okay oh this is all way like it's right here best friend their best friend and it has a star and a heart with a rainbow connecting them best friend it is I don't know if you can really see she's a lavender color like a light purple she's pretty let's see okay so I'm gonna think there's a pretty much lined up but I'll line them up and show you what we opened up today well this is what we opened up today guys I hope you enjoyed the video thank you for watching and if you did like it please like share and subscribe thanks again bye