04 November 2019

Learn English | Brain Bank Grade 1 Science | 01 The Dog Walker - Part 1/3 | English Stories

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hello everyone I am your teacher Jesse

and today we will read a book called the dog walker mm-hmm all right now the dog walker is the first book in social studies series okay social studies is Sahay so in social studies we will study people Sodom and places mm-hmm okay we will study people and places gopu hug coil in social studies today we will study one type of person we will study the girl yes she is the dog walker and we will study some places in our neighborhood yes neighborhood neighborhood is n e I G H B Oh our neighbor neighbor is yup Jeep's Adam neighborhood Donei donae neighborhood in the dog walker we will look at some places in our neighborhood donate a so eat your the tongue huh okay many kinds of places in our neighborhood let's get started alright our first page says the dog walker and we have a big dog right we have a big red dog it's a little bit red a little bit red and the dog has this this is called the dog's leash okay if you walk a dog Ganga's iran cats economy on the dog needs a leash leashes Sawyer hello you should use a leash when you walk your dog and the dog also has this this

is called a color okay it goes around your neck right McCrory taught on a dog has a color when you walk your dog you use a leash and a color what color is the leash and the color it is did you say blue very good yes the dog has a blue leash and a blue color all right let's start with the dog walker look at our first picture here is the girl she is a dog walker okay that is her alibi to alibi - how do we say our by 2 in English we can say part time job okay job Chico I'll buy two part-time job this girl's part-time job is she's a dog walker that's right I will give her some money and she can walk my dog okay is this the girls dog no dad ins how Tommy gang not seeing day but her part-time job is dog walker all right so what do we have we have the girl and what's over here here we have a door moon Moonen door say it with me door wonderful and look at this you don't tag on moon karate we Han Kang Addison Jagan moon AutoKey Hale dog door yes this is a dog door what can we see in the dog door a dog yeah there's a dog in

the dog door okay and over here is the neighborhood Donei all right look what we can see this is an apartment building a putt apartment building right there's some people there's some people in the apartment building see he is watching TV here is a bed and here is a mother a woman or a mother okay what else can we see in the neighborhood don't know me I saw mobile yes you can see a car and what's inside the car there is a child I and a cat Queenie Wow there's a very busy neighborhood right hand only Madden donate it's a very busy neighborhood but here we have the dog walker and the dog let's read which dog lives in the house with the big red door hmm Coon Paragon moon it noon tip on a moose unconscious ally ho which dog lives Sal de ok which dog on ok oh no cannot see which dog lives in the house with the big red door hmm which dog is it well it's white right we can say the white dog the white dog let's check mmm yes look at that it's a white dog now what about this do you remember what is this this is the leash say it with me

leash very good and this is the color yes what color is the white dog's leash and collar they are red wonderful yes they are red and the white dog wants to go for a walk right go go sheep boil he wants to go for our walk mmm who will take the white dog for a walk nuruddin catchy got a coil mm-hmm with the dog walker let's read it is the little white dog uh-huh little little means ja ja Gayo small little small Bokke tail ok this dog is small little it is the little white dog tagging hi cannot see it is the little white dog the little white dog is ready for her walk got none day we hae Joon be this L I'm ready right is ready for her walk okay is it a boy dog or a girl dog her walk it is a girl dog yes all right the little white dog is ready for her walk hmm what will happen next the dog walker will walk the little white dog and then go down a hmm well it's the end of part one so check with me again in part two bye bye