14 April 2019

Leaving College Vlog // Studying, Reuniting with my Dog & Making a Vision Board

Hey guys, this vlog is a little more personal this week! Come with me as I pack, leave school, reunite with my dog and make a vision board. This week I was ...


hey guys it's Kaitlyn and today I'm taking you guys along with me throughout my day and just showing you guys me going to class and packing for going home this weekend I was planning on doing a spring closet clean out video but it turns out since I'm going home I really don't have enough time between my classes to do that and really thoroughly film it so I'm just going to show you guys along with me for the day instead that's really all I have to say for this intro so don't forget to leave your video recommendations down below and let's just get to packing for going home [Music] [Music] okay guys I put my hair up and a half up half down because my hair is just not cooperating today but I have Micro bio in a little bit and I think I'm gonna go stop and say hi to Israa my best friend he lives in a dorm really close to my apartment so I'm just gonna go walk and say hi to him and possibly introduce him to you guys and then I'm gonna go to micro bio and I have that for an hour and then after that I'm leaving for home so let's go I haven't left yet so definitely not saying hi Ezra just wound

up that you guys will you will meet him sometime soon I swear [Music] [Music] oh my god dude where'd this come from huh where'd that come from why am i bad already this is freshly cleaned I can't believe you tore out a whole trunk deer fur on my bed nasty okay guys I took a nap and now my little sister Anna say hi Anna and I are gonna go rollerblading I'm using her old rollerblades sorry for not updating more I really just like slept the whole ride home and when I got back so let's go rollerblading [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay guys I apologize for looking like literal trash I I'm doing stats homework and animal science homework and my little sister is just sitting with me and we're listening listening to Billy Eilish because I'm in love with her I've been studying for the past like hour and a half and I plan to continue studying until I'm burnt out so okay I'll update you guys after I take some more notes thanks okay guys I studied for like five

hours six hours and I'm just completely exhausted now so I'm gonna go to bed attention you paper in your hair yeah wait stop Stillman [Music] okay guys I'm in my basement cave so if you hear walking it's because above me you can hear walking from the kitchen anyway I'm going to breakfast with my mom I'm drinking coffee right now and my sister's gonna help me pick out an outfit and then my mom and I are gonna make vision boards which should be fun because we both want stuff and we're gonna try and manifest it with vision boards what is my hair okay I'm gonna take you guys to breakfast with me [Music] okay guys I'm all ready I'm going to breakfast [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay guys I spent the day with my mom and now I'm back at my dad's house in my little basement cave I got breakfast with my mom and then we like the whole day making vision boards if you guys want a video on how to make a vision

board let me know and I can show you guys how I made it which I think was a much better way than cutting out individual pictures and like pasting them on a poster so I'm gonna study and try to film as much of that that's interesting it probably won't be much and then I'll probably conclude the vlog not too sure but I will let you guys know [Music]