10 January 2019

LEIYER Collapsible Travel Dog Pet Bowl, Great for traveling with my pets

For more details on this product and to purchase, please visit: http://amzn.to/2E7rkpL.

I just purchased this great little kit

on Amazon by a company called la year L II I I don't know if you can see that can you see that le i ye er the kit comes in like this plastic silicone feeling big drawstring big and everything fixing there wonderfully and this is what you get inside now this is for either your dog or your cat and you get two bowls a whistle a little dispenser with inside has some some poop base which is wonderful and this will clip easily like on your belt or your backpack or your fanny pack so it's great when you take your dog for a walk it's got a little whistle with a key ring on it and this is handy if you need to use it the only thing it's not so loud you have to keep your finger over the whistle thing to make a noise like okay so it's pretty loud if you just put your finger there and then release it as you blow you'll make a good whistle sound in that you can put on your key ring or use a security and then you get the two bolts now this is the large bowl of the two and they both come with carabiners to clip on your backpack fanny pack or you can just put them together like this they stack nicely and

just put them in your bag your backpack your briefcase your tote bag or whatever you have and this is 7 inches wide and two and a half inches deep and they were nice material you know they really are there's no smell to them they're a silicone they were thick a nice thick material like you know so come a nice thick silicon so the beauty of this is that you can use this full fully expanded at two and a half inches or you can just make a shallow bowl by collapsing a little bit and then you have like a one and a half inch dish which is great for like water or something and then this is the smaller bowl this is five inches across and two inches in height and if you collapse it a little bit you can use it as a shallow bowl again and again you'll have like a little one and a quarter inch dish which is perfect and then so you they wash out very easily nothing sticks really and silicone you just wash it out easily you don't dry fast then on porous and then you just collapse them up and put them in here now I did want to mention right now we're getting ready for hurricane and you know you take your pet with you wherever you're going you're going to

need travel bowls in emergencies as well as like camping trips liking trips whatever even if you go for a walk and you bring a little bottle of water for them and then you have an expandable Bowl give them some water and then pop it right back like that in Hitchin on your belt but everybody is evacuating and you need to feed your pet on the road and this is a great little kit for that it's all in one you put it in your bag and you're ready to go I think this is a fabulous purchase right now in hurricane storm season to be prepared that way you leave it by the door and you have to run and you know get in the car and leave or or go to a pet goat ooh a shelter or something you have your pet supplies right there I jump for brick don't forget to bring the pet food because emergency shelters don't have pet food but it's a great little kit have it ready by the door ready to go with you absolutely wonderful purchase very happy I use one for water and one for food and the gift bag of the face is is a great little add-on and so is the whistle in case you need to call for help wonderful little product pick it up

worth every penny sold on use on by this company why here you can see that L e iy e ark they have different colors too I like the blue they have it in red and some other color absolutely fabulous product