14 December 2018

let's chat about my service dog, murphy! | vlogmas day 13

hello & welcome back to the salt shaker~! today i tell y'all a bit more about my partner in crime, the legend himself, doer of tasks, murphy! oh yeah, we also make ...

hello and welcome to vlogmas day 13 if

you new here I'm Madeleine if you're not you'll be very proud to know that we are going to run our errands while the Sun is still out I know hallelujah but we need to grab food pet food it's gonna be a good one obviously bringing you along let's do this and obviously I couldn't resist wearing the wig today it's just too cute I love her this one got his monthlies today which usually makes him a little sleepy so he gets the day off he's gonna come along right in the car but no working for you it's only fair I hate what I have to do anything when I'm sleepy so I'm not about to make him work he's just here getting petted Oh yawn for drama I guess today's OOTD is just my all-stars thigh-high tights from Urban Outfitters and my new thank you top from yes style as well as this fantastic little wig for my style now let's get going and now we waitin here while Scottie runs in to get this one's food [Music] but for searches nothing we send me in all right that should be good and before I get comments yes this

is multiple days worth of food just with filming and editing my days are at least 10 to 12 hours of just a log miss cooking has gone out the window we've adjusted the budget accordingly we're gonna make it work but this sort of like pre-made stuff has been a lifesaver we have success please sorry for you oh yeah a little bit wonder like that one oh thank you thank you oh the new menus your girl needs some fuel for this next edit [Music] so I just got yesterday's video all edited and now I think I want to go work on some amorphous training I haven't taken you guys through too much with him and I thought what better time to talk about him then now as you all know Murphy is my service dog basically I have a few chronic illnesses that I'm sure I'll get into in a Q&A a little bit more deeply as well as PTSD and he helps by alerting as well as picking things up for me a myriad of tasks unfortunately Murphy can't come everywhere with me just yet he has a couple situations that he's not quite fully trained for cuz he is owner

trained and only about a year and five months old now so he still has about six months left to his training and right now we're working through the fact that when I first got him we lived in Chicago and I could not really go out because of the weather there at my conditions so I ended up just kind of stuck inside he definitely didn't get the socialization he needed as well as the fact that I just kind of when you're researching getting a service dog and like owner training a service dog everyone really impresses upon you you can mess this dog up he can fail you need to make sure he knows he has a but etc because apparently dogs don't know they have a but that's a whole other Q&A I guess but just one of those things I was so worried about those things I just kind of forgot to teach him how to be a dog so he can behave perfectly and target he alerts me absolutely flawlessly when we're out and about but just like going to the dog park he becomes a menace so working on his basic manners is definitely something we're working on when we ran out for food earlier I was lucky enough to run into another owner trainer team and she was fantastic she

shared an app with me that is apparently just like it makes a little basic training routine for you to do every day and she said it was very much focused on basic manners and kind of polishing up so hoping to give that a try tonight see how it goes I'm gonna cut up some of his high-value treats he has a lot of allergies because he is a golden so we give him lamb ears that are just like dried lamb ears so got to cut some of those up and get them ready but we're gonna give this app a try and me now you know a little bit more about the Smurfs kiss the MuRF kiss the squid the tortellini he's goes by a lot of names that is a man of many many names but let's go see what he can do little buds and I are all set up we are going to go head down to the lobby because it's by the bike room and has a lot of dog smells so somewhere they think will have pretty good distractions but first a quick OOTD update is I have now switched to bands and sweatpants because it's it's late and your girl needed to the wig ain't going though because she's too cute alright I think that's about it for today wouldn't you say little buddy

let's go upstairs [Music] food is finally done I am so excited to eat this is one of our favorite like just cozy night nails when we know we aren't going to have time to cook and dinner won't be happening too late so I'm very glad we could show it to you today was a very fun one I'm glad that you guys got to know a little bit more about Murphy and got to see him in action of it so that's very enjoyable I'm looking forward to showing you guys of a more famous he progresses he's definitely getting there I think by the two-year mark for sure he's going to be a full-fledged little popper do as long as I work with him the way he deserves I got set him up for success but you enjoyed the video today too please be sure hit the subscribe button down below give it a thumbs up and I will see you guys tomorrow you