05 September 2019


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hey sit sit sit sit really do your video

boys see it Mac I come here sit sit sit sit sit sit good boy really do trap ok mark I sit sit down meaning you sit sit sit sit ok you ready to do your proper intro nope all right so we're not doing an intro today from Malachi Wow look at them look how ready he is super Hardy boy me no true law I love you ok hold on save me let me have you started the video yeah hold on wow you cut his nails I know so what's going on as she squad I'm already sweating just from playing with Malachi I told him that we were recording today and he just brought his AGame he's super hyper I'm okay so now you're sitting all nice and pretty huh you ready to do a video we're gonna give you a warhead we're gonna make you react to a little dog we bought at the mall he has no idea what's going on huh you want a warhead you want a warhead I think he wants a warhead but be those of you guys that are wondering yes we are gonna be giving Malachi warhead I did my research on it Orient's aren't really bad for dogs and at the same time I thought we're gonna give him the whole warhead I just want him to try I want to see his reaction he's a dog with the big

personality he has a lot of personalities and I think it's so funny I think we does what the ignoring our puppy Frank and he started howling PS haven't seen that video it'll be down in the description down below so make sure to go watch that Stephanie's got some more heads on her i'll pick which one you want okay Kimmy Mikey coming over here stay right here okay we're gonna wait for mommy okay because Paul D is good love the scratches no I'm all scattered go get him okay you picked the yellow and yellow one the worst one Malachi the worst one you pick the yellow one that's on you this one is lemon-lime okay all right what's your the zoom in on this he wants this so bad sit [Music] you want more say I think my like I likes it he's just like okay like this is good but I'm not sure if I like it or not [Music] do you like you mark I you so one side I don't know you did it I think he doesn't want it anymore it's too sour I think or what he's not really giving a reaction

he's just looking okay that's right different one ready for round two mark I are you ready you want this get it yeah use your hand yeah you have hands he has legs I mean use your leg okay we need to cut his nails okay you like it [Music] so it turns out the Malecha actually likes warheads I have no idea why comment down below if you guys can take a warhead just like Malik I took it because he didn't even give a facial expression I know you like warheads but me I do but the super won't travel actually no I'm lying I don't like warheads do not good to travel you me do it just like them okay oh you put it all in your mouth you want me to brave huh there's the I good that's what I was expecting malachi to do but you absolutely love this alright so you want to get the toy from me with me what is him okay oh look he got excited he's a mummy okay what is that Mommy is it look at him look at him he honestly gets excited about anything he gets excited about lettuce you got it by the year maka oh I think he just killed it killed it

[Music] he's checking if it's real did you do that did he yeah it'd be like licking it's like bottom parts kind of dog is him okay I think he likes it but he just kind of wants to like play with it why are you super confused all right so hold on top of me and I wants you to grab it and put on the other side see what he does just [Music] take it away we're gonna do huh your buddy's right there get him get him okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] so it seems like Malachi really enjoyed his toy he's absolutely just beating the crap out of it do you like it mark I like how do you get this thing - shut up so now I want you guys to see Stephanie and Malachi played hide-and-go-seek because it is honestly the most adorable thing ever you might like I gave me some water no fur oh damn you thirsty Mecca but like I was saying Stephanie and Malachi played hide-and-go-seek probably all the time almost every single night and it's just the most adorable thing ever so I

want you guys to see it that's where everybody go dude beby I want you to go hide ready go hide [Music] [Music] all right so now it's my turn you can't even see me well that's gonna be a big scratch first sure zoom in on that I should do my do you see that started get ready okay let me try it again [Music] [Music] oh my god they're scary but boy did I scare you you can't find me huh it was literally staring at me through the window like literally he was literally staring at me through the mirror I'm not kind did you think it was a picture frame or what see me from a mirror but he doesn't know where I'm at yeah like it's funny Oh Micah you never learned about me ears huh all right so here's what we're gonna do we're both gonna hide here in the living room Stephanie's thinking that she wants to hide behind the couch and I want to hide behind the mirror he's all listening to our conversation so what I'm thinking is I'm gonna give Malik

hide the dog and I'm gonna put it inside my room so you can be distracted with it because going behind that mirrors gonna be kind of hard are you ready I think you should go give it to him and then you should run ahead over this I can have in the mirror [Music] my good boy [Music] you found me that's gonna be a wrap for today's video hopefully you guys enjoyed it any type of videos that we do with our little boy Matt like hi we just totally enjoy and those hairs all over me hum baby that's what you just got yeah every time we flew Malachi we have to throw away the shirt Burnie or throw it away because it was just completely covered with hairs he said oh wait yeah that exactly both will you guys enjoyed us giving Malachi warheads that was just such a funny reaction like that's something that I really wanted to see just because like I said Malik has a big personality and he does very funny reactions off-camera so if you guys want to see more of Malik time make sure to follow us on snapchat my cents just gonna be

right here Stephanie snapchats also gonna be right here so make sure to go ahead and follow us as always we do have to do a post on a piggys shout out before we in today's video which is going to him lima bean today's not picking shadow goes to royalty Rene shout out to you shut up to you whoever else would like a post notification shade out make sure to subscribe turn on our bell and the comment when done also if you guys are following us on our Instagram snapchat and Twitter everything will be linked down in the description box down below so make sure to go check that out thank you guys so much for watching today's video we love you guys so much and we will see you guys next time peace okay so we just ended the video and I just wanted to show you guys how he treated the puppy look at it literally the battery's about a fly out it's all torn apart the little poncho thingy that he had all over his neck is just done um the tongue is just like out and then it's so wet and dirty Micah what did you do we bought you this so you can have a friend and now you don't have a friend because you broke it okay bye