11 September 2019

Life with Dogs | Meet Brandon Boy the Beagle

Thinking of getting a dog? Never wanna have a dog? Watch this video and you might just change your mind ;) Motherpupper since birth here. Sharing my views ...


[Music] [Music] I'll come back thanks for being here in today's video we have a special guest [Music] here please absolutely very special yes chica welcome back thank you for being here in today's video we're gonna have a special guest actually a guest - I saw a lot and previous video score so if you haven't seen my previous video I'm gonna link it down below today's video I'm gonna talk about house life with so if you're someone who's thinking of getting a dog as a pet or if you're someone who really never want to have pets in your entire life or dogs as pets please continue watching this video because this is for you you by the end of this video I'm buggin insisting your torch dogs or having a pet or something like so I basically grew up with dogs so bad I mean naming dogs one final and also because I have this mindset hutton dogs get will evening dogs I mean I'm not God or anything like a gala so again I get I'm gonna get along Omaha anybody nomina wala you love cover dogs because of that incident things what should you expect Kumu Kahua ankle and Aetna dogs that you

will never be able to go out of your house nom well um baila he boasts of Ottawa Brandon by commercial who expect nah we up Karen so it's like having a baby usually when they're puppies at midnight big hi Cassini Bashar don't develop young eyesight alive inhaler so if they can find their moms usually Imams Cosima Angelica Gabby even a food so you know if they can't hide their mom's oxalá and the Hydra hat you will be a pool cleaner for the rest of your life heyo pinata crucial expect my darling was young gamut Nina Muhammad Amir pero janella chanela topicals for larger table chairs wires the drama dammit a few more things that you might want to take note of if you want to have a pet dog is matin Peninsula sohcahtoa anyone belong has a great tenor bass iodine in houma soap also you have to feed them every single day ksama names Redeemer and Vinton picky eater there Angela young dweller in Chennai Bangalore in conned a magnet net at magnet net magliocca head nam hung on top on top masala

also begin when mouselina detention time to to Lucan column nila guy Anita blemish on IndieGoGo ibama got pero the to Luke Bonanza when you also make them admit to something they've done wrong Union and mahapadma thank you Ianto Bronco let nila Andina Palika hiring Peleg on davontea who Lika sometimes very tricky Angela Alamelu if my tropica again I go up but I'm a bastard Zeta [Music] in game random deferential I'm a girl insulin my bed night and I'm going more when I sell Impala good then I thank it to lady Brandon boy so but I'm gonna - a homie lick but also knowing that there are I think the perks of having a dog out we the things that you would really hate for having a dog don't really see creatures expect that you will never feel alone and they're very loyal to you oh very sensitive do you feel like being down lonely they feel that sometimes when you feel depressed they know that they will come to you they will stick with you they will hug you you know sometimes when I play in like you can fake cry when I do the fake cry canary

in stock Donahoe Brandon boy would would go crazy I don't listen and I move up a time so he still of other reasons would include uber cuteness this is him Brandon boy when we first got him he was barely two months old we got him as a wedding gift for each other no for me lamp Allah so small and cute add an angel you you don't have on you my lucky Negi young boss and I'll I'm gonna pop a cute haven't been up a girl eaten measure teary-eyed bar better be like a hugger [Music] also super clingy vanilla panna cotta began rapidly Canela Daniels Villa also in the morning if you wanna have cuddles like this get a dog but been epic Le Pen can wear a koala also they can entertain themselves on their own which is also a good thing give them a bone or something do you chew they're also very amazed with car ride it off here I named max eagle also very good with other people living in occupied interactive them dogs are also very easy to keep well if it could give like and spare a few minutes to

play with them it would really really appreciate it in the morning they're all so hard to wake up it's harder than to wake up people didn't open talaga also customer my Sonata Lubin say oppa getting more from work get a dog they're also very cute they play on their own wait with them and when you go to the bathroom they will wait for you super loyal if you want to have cuddles like this every single day you should get a dog just don't mind the smell if you wanted to have someone to cuddle with you in bed every morning get a talk so breaking me marcado's thanks for watching