07 March 2019

Lilly Pups ~ French Bulldog Puppies ~ Oregon French Bulldog Breeders

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okay here is Lily's litter there's seven and a half weeks old yep some of these babies got their ears up and some not quite yet but they will go up hey Rach they were so fat on Lily she torched them with milk and now they're all getting middle yeah there's start and uh I've got a pee-pee over there they're starting to a slip up a little bit [Laughter] [Music] one gal [Music] nope fake-out yeah just practicing only gonna go behind me over here puppies you got somebody behind you come here you guys come out here nobody can see you back there oh I see their little heads okay come on here [Music] the glue [Music] - hoppin like a bunny they see you hopping over here yes I see you hopping over here oh what a nice baby what a nice baby yes yes I mean I always thought about how big a wallet evening

right [Music] hey watch it and bounce around guys are so funny [Music] look kick is over here and you can love her oh they're sweet like their mama oh goodness then you mean to your your mama something else all these are spoken for I've got wonderful moms and dads to go home to I've already gotten their first shot imager hey pretty boy my pretty boy mmm what'd you do it [Music] so all you mom and dad's you got about two and a half weeks to do all your nesting get everything set up get your questions answered all the shoes get your questions answered and get ready for your babies no last-minute stuff the rat sounds like animal whoa no cheese at night when you're trying to sleep not you know so pretty though yeah they have such gorgeous eyes they got Lily's eyes you let your ears up making all this noise you can boys you liquor necessity makes a lot of noise when you make what a

beautiful red I know gosh there's ice yourself to his eyes aren't gonna stay blue they're gonna kind of go a greenish and then they'll end up being a pretty soft amber like his daddy's huh [Music] well it's a little you're kind of little orange color you're the rabbit hump around everywhere jump around the frown [Music] me hello hello to you well hello to you that one movie ridiculous puppy yeah I know yes pretty forever here friendship minorities you know what you got faster equals everywhere [Music] well hello you gonna come say hi I know little mr. I know pretty boy hello little mr. a pretty boy how are you how are you oh how are you with your pretty eyes you sure got your mama's eyes yes you do sure got your mama's eyes Hey get y'all play with some toys here pretty baby okay go see daddy the Lord's going are you

[Music] but me get some toys this place [Music] in the background you may be able to hear probably can hear our generators going what are we on about days we'll 12 no power got hit so hard well we're on generators and generators for electricity and propane for heat everybody's staying warm and toasty dry showing our laundry to town I do it yeah but the puppies don't know no different and that's the main thing you just can't run the lights the cameras right so they show in black and white Wow we couldn't run the cameras for a while it took us a while to dial in our electric usage what we can run can't run without overloading the generator [Music] trying to keep burning up our equipment kitchen at your collar these guys just got their collars on yesterday and so there are still if you see a Mitch and they don't have please they're just itching that their collars cuz they're every once while they remember they have mana it bugs them what's that don't you call or something a lot of energy right now

yeah rascally rabbit I couldn't kill the bear get that bear green wind just went hopping across the floor but you doing back there play peek-a-boo up in back a year now come here Susie's well there he is he or she [Music] they know the colors @g all right you can always get stitches you just doing everything my brain what a pretty Frenchy buds you be there Thank You red tu because Wanda walrus yeah he was licking me we were boys that's why you Louie the nigger hey you nice tinker but what you doing busy busy busy busy busy busy yes working like a girl where are those two little boys just giving a lots of kisses [Music] you guys crack [Laughter] they remind me of the little baby lambs in the field the easy hop it around yeah you now they think that's a fault well half of got the ears up and it'll

happen come on out let's go back there if we can get those two little boys that are sitting there in your face and get them out here playing especially the darker one he's just been they've just been sitting there and giving you loves which is not a bad thing but his parents want to see him there we go oh yeah get that toy get that joy oh goodness tinker oh hey hey you you're the littlest one say gotta beat up I'm they don't fight hard rule the parties in there you gotta stay in there oh that one's got your shoelace down number found the best toy in the whole place daddy's shoes oh that's an look you bored did you see all there was to see go play gonna Chuck E Cheese for ten minutes now you want to go home yeah hey mister look I know say hi to your mom and dad say hi you show him your pretty face yeah please you see what you see my sissy hi my pretty baby yes little spells just hop it around well hi you can come say hi - hi my damn it

there ouch you do have sharp teeth you do have some sharp teeth don't choose this open you thought it'd be nicer [Music] [Music] yeah I am Oh but your brother's like that don't get your back until they learn their bite inhibition like his brother too hard or sister and then they're gonna do getting a piece 15 almost 16 okay everybody say bye-bye mom and dad's see you soon get ready for me get ready get ready get ready coming I'm going to be old enough to go home soon get ready for me yes okay