12 March 2019

Lily Exposes Albert | Jake TOS | Greek Kissed? | Moe's New Merch

Lily exposes Albert's love letter. Jake almost banned? Moe announces his new merch. ✯ Credits to: Offlinetv ✯ ▻ Scarra ◅ https://www.twitch.tv/scarra ▻ Pecca ...

what are you doing

[Music] hello you stupid dog okay right I have time 53 I didn't skip d3 man just let me skip diamond - just give me B one baby give me c1 please please show me right show me it show me it please let's go let's go I'd like to see see how big-nose is doing you're something going on here oh we're stuck between us I thought my game just broke between two squads do know her lathe booga-booga back bitch I know I send you that awkward email that you exposed me yeah wait where'd you put it out oh I have it it's on my shelf you I'm going to go read it look look in the bookshelf okay I know case I sent Lilly I sent Lilly no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no this was the apop let me see if I can eat cheese beer ah oh let me put it in my mouth and see if it it eats it from my mouth you won't kiss me you're a fucking goat maybe straightaway wait let go you can't go this thing like that one can but that's just my nose wait it just hits a wall that's just my nose okay see this is my nose right yeah yeah it's

like oh dude there's like nothing new and I just have to keep going they're running me I keep going yeah but that's just my nostril at this point understand you mean the keeps jelly yeah okay I don't understand like my the holes are the nostrils right yeah how is there another hole there's another hole but where's the hole okay so like if this is if if you know this is like my nose right now these are my nostrils guide me okay so I was like you go down like this like there and then the hole is like there's like a flap here flap and then you gotta go underneath the flap okay okay yeah you don't yeah so try pushing down like down I'm not finding I smell food now I don't think anyone's home or maybe if rengar disconnect from the game himself some streamer will give him a split of the tin cake I don't know braggart if you're listening Wow would be really unlucky if you left the game right now my man right wait I gotta know your favorite honey baby if you have one you got answer the question come on you the normal questions I can tell let me ask this tanner she's the flavor of my life okay and now

you have to drop it just kidding on all this because you know okay I'm kidding you're kidding right get your value there's gonna be a lot of other people's like a meet and greet hypothetically yeah I plan to get married eventually we piss a few moments later I was so wet I mean eyes are holding me back yeah yeah we haven't slept yet sorry Janet we're like what okay okay yeah okay laughing why don't you play life like never listen I'm trying to get a hundred kills on why for once no please they're still being designed but these are like some of the ones on Mathias is kind of fired not Alliance these are the hoodies I know they actually sick I'm not alive you're a fire sure no I don't care what you say they're nice enough to where you won't get jumped in the street like anywhere LF style should emerge a template merch I'm knocking you out personally these are fucking sick though and then look at the joggers these are fucking sick too am i right coming soon coming student Oh cut my mods chat I showed my mods this merch right I gave him a little sneak peek and they're like they're like

they're like it's nice but you should do something more like this let me find it let me find it they're like you should do something more like this fuck my dumbass cringe mods these nerdy ass bugs like you just saw like this one to the left right left like dab dab dab okay all right committed you have to put your heart into it is everything okay yeah we're good all right I got one more game left in me for that we'll do one more if it's just like that I'm done it's a little broken though but if anyone wants that shield we you guys don't want that shield its execution shield I could tell he's like losing most his games to like honest I just feel bad like he's smaller than me he's inferior to me he's shorter than me Oh telogen is me he says he with the different college when he dropped out he's 23 years old doesn't have a degree barely got anything going for him honest have you seen his girlfriend too but um if he does you don't want to stop the bet he could just tweet out that he's a beta um but if not you know it is what it is wait I don't want any penis is one private drawing lessons

oh I'll teach how to draw we can start with Anatomy [Music] thanks for having me bye guys I love you guys hello