16 September 2018

Littlest pet shop skit:true love


hello my name is I forgot my name

my name is Trevor oh yeah well hi guys my name is Trevor here and today um what are we doing today oh my god my name is Caleb and I and we're going to be doing a like family thing I don't know just yeah can you get a girlfriend yeah sure I always wanted to go for it anyway so do you want a girlfriend as well yeah so are we fat yeah alright let's go Brooke get after them working out alright let's go get some woman Yeah right there Caleb you go ask her okay hey girl you look hot oh well thank you I appreciate that a lot of people call me ugly which I don't know why oh that's great immune [Music] what's your name my name is Ali what's yours my name is Caleb so uh hang out tomorrow sure so but did she says she said sure Wow that was easy well it's my turn yeah I'm gonna wait all right dude I don't know if I could do this all right I could do it for you sure all right excuse me ma'am yes sir my friend thinks you're hot he's hard - are you taking -

are you okay ma'am yeah I'm fine just ghosts pushing me so anyway are you yeah oh cool by who Ali who elites my friend cool how are you a little oh my god it's actually working so I know you're pretty pretty it's okay I say things that don't make sense to other boys well hang out tomorrow what's your name what's your name my name is Irene that's a nice name mine is Trevor so hang out tomorrow and we get to know each other better all right yes we did it we got our girlfriends part Jill coming out tomorrow hope you subscribe like comment and set notifications on bye [Music]