09 February 2019

Live Walking My Dog

look at you going go for a walk huh what

is it oh okay so yeah I forgot to do my intro hey guys pepper 42 here I should get Taiwan doing baby talk my dog likes baby-talk showing wish we'll listen yes she needs a leash and she's a beagle and I'm taking her out for a walk since I've noticed lately that she hasn't given much exercise so I said hey why don't I just take her for a walk okay sheep yeah okay so there's my Snuggie right here hazel you remember her if you've seen meet my pet even though the count was even than video but my cat isn't dear Nintendo I know I've been posting for a while but I hope someone can go in soon I'm thinking about getting a ps4 and Xbox one but my money's on ps4 for some sweet sweet exclusive the really only Xbox exclusive I want is CF Pheebs like and how it has like - some of the best exclusives like God of War and spider-man like those are good exclusives because really good dog I love her so much super you know understand cold this is still viewers I am really shocked I just watched echo night stream so he may still be hanging out with his cousin oh there we go nice little no not that go into the

garden yeah we have two Gardens even though that one we only use this one's covered in snow this is our woodpile for wood fire since we have a fireplace in our house what's this oh my god who is this I think this is a bouncy ball inside the volleyball oh my god okay okay hazel yeah this is my puppy right well she's not the way a puppy like four years old I think yeah like four she's going on five years old Geron 2014 which I can remember everything like it was yesterday I can remember every single moment the day I got her we went down to an old farmhouse she back when she was so young she can't understand much that she could literally we could literally pick her up would having fun having lots of fun slippery so I'm going to be a little bit careful at the same time I can dig into it to break it yeah this is adorned we will use anymore but hey then we got a bunch of ice so how's Roy slippery out here this is just really hard snow that's still slippery though still dangerous oh wait nope nope nope okay I want show thank you