04 December 2018




[Music] looking at myself I see the man nigga imma call it like a then I'll call you bitch made nigga or if this is not entertain makers I got held up at the light reach it from my switchblade nigga Papa's on the spinach with a gaze nigga hey right now hey man hey right now hey man hey man we bout to go to the vet you ready I got his vest on guys cuz I'm really I wanna put the collar on him because I know he hate the collar he hate leashes in general he hate this thing too he hates his best as well but it's it's a lot comfortable if you ask me because it's not around his neck so much it's around his body so that's that's better filming you ask me but I'm gonna take him to Petsmart to find out if they can give me shots or if I need to go to actual event either way I remember pen smart um they used to do shots a long time ago I wonder if they still do let's go right now come on boy right now it's first time in the front and see I couldn't put him back there carnation he trying to eat her and she keeps screaming I can't drive under these conditions royalty in the house on my stomach hurts so I have

to do this all by myself guys but you know what I'm not going to complain even though it's kind of hard you know driving watching it all watch incarnation I'm have to go up inside the store again with the dog incarnation this time and that is gonna be my true test [Music] now some young niggas like to sweat no some young niggas like swag give a tailor we just got the test marked with my mass I can't let him walk himself because he's not training it and he will just stand there because he doesn't like this week but I will let him get down once more inside just to see his reaction first time and Petsmart let's go oh it's this place but I don't want him to get a haircut but I do want him to get some shots there just look like they cut here and there here we go we want to go to the pet hospital that's right Pet Hospital let it go nation hi I was trying to get my puppies in the shots rhinos getting loves his appointment is tomorrow at 3:30 so he won't be getting any shots today guys

but he will be getting in tomorrow they asked about neutering him oh no no he needs it but I don't want him to give it because I saw him humping something earlier yes the dog prescription the good health very nice Banfield Pet Hospital will be back tomorrow all right let's see if you can notice anybody in here come on up wait a nation our nation come on come on he doesn't like a change please right now good boy no oh that's some peepee ear oh this according everything yep I'm letting you recording hydrogen good job good job - a bigger plans she's right here okay guys we gonna buy oh why not - no clothes in bed dad in the body that me cord the blood this came to work thank you guys I'm sorry my name is just factory board I don't know what it looked like so I'm trying to cut that out anyway see if I can find writing on some bigger clothes come on master happy swag you know get your swag though right here yes hey this bad man forgot a cape what are you going look at that one right now

that one's cool I want this one oh this is for girls but oh yeah that's that's just that woman you know that you want this one this is the boy one Rhino needs a large here you go here you go big boy and you go perfect not a Wonder Woman where's the other Superman one hold this maybe I'll just get him one of these onesie Superman's besides this another large good job here carnation all right right now I think this is where the dog school is yep pet training Oh I know I know he's smelling pee I know this store has been feeding and balloon in a lot you like that toy hey hey he's sitting down he's really tired I need you to hold this camera again carnation psyche J that's the only place I let him bite me too right there because if I put it on the side he will tear my finger off Rhino rhino so cool I just get it right he's only eight weeks [Music] [Applause] I know he's an American Bully he's gonna be

really big in short I like to big me be dog muscles he's YouTube famous that's where I record everything he's on my channel CJ so cool what is it CJ so cool okay it's on the day of way you can find it like all the puppy video see you later come on oh come on come on good boy good boy good boy you're a good boy come on oh come on you want some treats actually the bar another cheat Oh perfect now you work here good now you walk through the yeah really right now you work here now watch out carnation he doesn't even see it come on good boy good boy come on good boy good boy good boy right now there's more out here there's more out here there's more good boy good boy I'm picking you up now get this Oh this man's is even in my car this is supposed to be rule number one no eatin in the Camaro man this man don't follow no rules look at that I should cut the heat it I should cut this see either on him burn his head I'll be messed up I would not do that he'll be like oh it's hot in the haircut the health nation asked me to go to chick-fil-a when I really just want to go home

but I know a lot I'm starving like rhinos so I am going to go to chick-fil-a for carnation stay tuned wait where's chick-fil-a at I'll remember you gonna tell me where is that okay and then what girl you know where you going you do right I look like you have a good time a net mention that's not chick-fil-a times Krispy Kremes chick-fil-a is not right there I think chick-fil-a was down further it's funny they were here okay okay okay who are you right you right and did you say go this way okay Dean that way [Music] and we went the wrong way [Music] really nation go try to do this again maybe I should put the camera [Music]