07 October 2019

Looking for Creepy Stories While I'm Housesitting

Trying to get the spooks while I'm house-sitting... this was not the right way to do it. MyStoryAnimated ...

oh he's just been stalking me uh at

least it wasn't ghost which demons hello everyone and especially my 12 subscribers okay obviously this is not my normal setup I'm currently house-sitting so since I am house-sitting and it is October it is a gloomy rainy day I thought what better way to spend the day than by watching some scary spooky stories so I went and looked on the page my story animated and I looked under there creepy stories playlist I mean I haven't watched any of them yet but some of the titles caught my attention and I thought it was a great opportunity to make a video so let's go watch the three that I thought had a really interesting titles ok the title of this first story I woke up in the woods with no clothes on and alone on a trip I wanted to scream that sounds like a pretty good time to me just saying earlier that year I was browsing Facebook and I found that a voluntary organization that was announcing the trip to go and help some people who were less fortunate than me it was in Africa I'd always wanted to help people so without a second thought I signed up this is my chance I thought to myself the journey was unbelievably

long ok she's basically just talking about how how long the trip was and how Saturday is seeing people that don't live in a first world country so I'm probably just gonna skip all of this and just get to the nitty-gritty of how I end up naked alone in the woods on the next day I got to meet the children of the tribe and spent the day with them but there was something that caught my eye there was a little kid named quanti who didn't talk with the other kid I found out later that quanti was an orphan his parents went hunting one day and never returned port quanti he didn't deserve what happened to him I felt the need to get closer to that kid I approached poor quanti she okay my biggest issue with this so far is that it just sounds like it's a white Savior type deal and very few simple words I have come a long way to meet you I hope I could be your friend what happened next had me put my life on the line since there were no bathrooms we had to go to the river to bathe so at the end of the day I carried my stuff and went along to bathe the river I put

my stuff by the back I took off my clothes and went into the water which was ice-cold by the way but guess what happened next when I was done I couldn't find my clothes they were simply gone Oh God who would do such a thing and more importantly Oh No I a teenager on a trip with other teenagers decide to get naked and bathe outside who on earth would have the idea the ludicrous idea to steal my clothes I didn't even have a towel to cover up I was so very very scared you just walk out ha ha everyone has has a small laugh you're probably good to just walk out and then go about your business Oh incidentally a girl from the trip came running over when she noticed she let me address so I could get out of the water I was positive that no one else had been in the water with me but what I discovered when I returned back to my tent had me shocked my stuff they were lying on the ground what someone knew where my tent was you know the white valley girl who clearly has her tent next to everyone else's tents um my clothes were returned to me they're almost like a prank but I was sure that what happened next while I was

sleeping wasn't a hallucination suddenly I felt as if someone was getting closer and closer to me so I stayed covered and scared until the Sun began to rise it was only then that I could no longer hear the sound of that person breathing in the morning I told one of my friends what happened she laughed and said they must be ghosts so I responded that's probably right they're probably just goes maybe the close event was just a bad joke bye that's right that makes so much sense it was ghost it wasn't someone playing a prank on me it was goes but was the person who stayed with me all night long a joke as well I got out of my tent the next day only define quanti standing there when he saw me he ran towards me and hugged me I looked into Quantas eyes and said thank you for being here with me in this weird place quanti did not understand what I said but he said quanti is friend of Kathi which was my name it might seem odd but that child was like an angel accompanying me since the day I arrived at that weird place on the next day we had to distribute food packages

according to a list that I had with me the last box was for a woman who lived a little further away from the tribe I was told she was a witch after I heard that the thought of visiting and meeting her excited me but what I saw when I went to where she lived her front yard was full of animal skulls I couldn't believe it her tent was also made up of beautiful skin that had writings with weird letters written all over them her skin and bones I thought that could definitely be the spells that everyone told me about I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible I shouted hey is anybody here but no one answered I placed the box on the front of the time I shouted something in a foreign language where people clearly it's already established don't understand what I'm saying and no one responded to me weird oK we've already established no one understands you why are you going on for like five minutes about how you stood there just continuing to scream and hearing noises no one can understand you so quit shouting just leave the food and go let's go paranoid I was literally living a nightmare I started to run towards the woods I was

crying so hard that I could no longer see where I was going my feet slipped and I fell into a very deep hole in the ground I tried to stand up but it turned out ghosts chased me in the woods when I was shouting in a language no one understood and then I broke my leg is true they came to save me but how did they know where I was Sally approached me and asked me what happened I told her the truth about what I was dealing with since I arrived at that place I told her that I felt like I was being stalked since I arrived I told her that I got lost in the woods because I was scared I was trying to escape from whoever was stalking me and that I still didn't know who he was suddenly Sally burst into laughter and I couldn't understand why when she was finally done laughing hysterically she wiped the tears of laughter off her eyes and that he was the one who went back to the tribe and told him where I was how naive I must have been but why would want II do what he did I asked Sally to bring quanti to me but before she moved a muscle Monty entered the tent and said quanti is here I asked him why he was acting

that way so he mama I love how she's so nonchalant about it now like oh he's just been stalking me uh at least it wasn't ghosts which demons great wait Kate I think it's just that her name was Kathy no but you probably weren't like these people are not just heartless and cruel to one another I'm sure other members of his tribe were polite to him just like you I managed to find a loving family that could adopt quanti quanti is living right here in America with that family in fact he's only two towns over so that was a white savior story where this valley girl went to Africa and saved this poor little black kid whose family died was the only person that ever showed him kindness apparently and then took him back to the States and it didn't explain how she was naked in the woods like how she woke up naked in the woods so our next story as I found out why my mother keeps losing her underwear you know I used to have the same problem my solution just don't wear underwear hello I am Monica a few days ago she looks like Monica from doki-doki literature club I discovered something shocking in

my friends room okay so I had a friend named John in my piano class who I thought was gay I enjoyed hanging out with him one time mom came to pick me up for my piano class John started asking weird questions about her I answered him but I can already tell this is gonna be a Stacy's mom story I was truly confused once John suggested visiting me at home I thought it might be a good idea I mean he was just a friend right John started to regularly visit me at home and he would engage in exceptionally long conversations with mom every single time the next time he wanted to visit me I suggested visiting his house instead he looked uneasy at my suggestion but he agreed in his room I noticed something odd the walls were covered in posters of old ladies and short skirts John went outside for a minute how old would no lady are we talkin like Blanche or like mrs. Robinson bring us something to eat and my curiosity pressed me to look into his closet to explore what might be in a gay guy's room but what I found was nothing short of astonishing this closet was full of it's not any they were my mother's I had absolutely no doubt about it they were

hers when he returned to the room I told him I had him okay back at the beginning of this story I said I had the same problem I just left them places by accident I didn't have anyone stealing it I don't think and went straight to my mother asking her if she'd noticed anything missing lately and guess what she told me that she didn't know where her panties were vanishing to see that freaking pile yeah you'd notice that that amount of underwear went missing it made perfect sense if John wasn't gay nor attracted to girls my age it was more than likely that he was into older women so I went to his house but he opened the door his whole family was there gathered at the table I didn't care the only thing I cared about at the time was yelling in his face for what he'd done I pointed my finger at him and shouted about everything I knew I concluded with I know that you are obsessed with my mother and that you took every chance to get into my house to be close to her before I knew it John was lying on the ground emotionless I barely finished my the truth literally killed him last sentence and his mom

started screaming at the top of her lungs I later learned that John had a breathing condition and that when I faced him with the truth that he'd carefully hidden from everybody especially his parents he couldn't stand it and passed up yeah no I don't know a single person that doesn't hide their attraction and preferences from their parents to like some extent like especially like I kink like this I don't know what to feel I wish him a speedy recovery but I don't regret what I did tell me what you think in the comments I think there's a good chance that you're kind of just a bitch that outed your friends kink to his parents all right our last story is I found my pictures on my creepy roommates phone Dina and I want to share with you my story that almost ruined my trust in people it all happened at a summer camp that I went to with my cousins Jess and Cassy my boyfriend Rick was there too I got assigned to group C and my room was on the west wing and I was paired with a red-haired girl hello my name is Katie what's yours she asked me as I walked in our Rodina I replied we got to talking and it looked

like we would get along really well at about 2:00 a.m. I heard someone talking talking really loud no I won't get it stop you're bugging me I'm tired no I said not tonight that was my roommate talking in her sleep I got up and taped her hey are you having a bad dream I asked she woke up yeah did she say I woke up and I taped her like you recorded her talking in her sleep that's creepier than you the new roommate having pictures of you I told her to wash her face it was an interesting she was really cool kind of clingy but but cool during camp activities Katie would struggle to be on the same assignment as me but never on the opposite team Rick always teased me I said you got a new girlfriend who can't let you out of her sight during one of my conversations with Rick I figured he was driving somewhere with his constant bickering about Katie always being around I walked back to my room and met Katie reading a book for some reason I glanced at her phone and saw that her wallpaper was a picture of me jokingly asked her about like just a

viewer yeah I totally accidentally put up wallpaper on my phone by mistake one day Katie asked to talk to me hi Regina do you mind if we speak I think Rick might not be into you like you think he is I I just felt I should tell you I just wanted to I got to Rick and cussed him out for cheating on me you looked so shocked why do you seem so surprised do you thought I wouldn't find out right I screamed at oh my god told me Katie did she saw you behind the store we don't even have a store on this camping ground I felt so stupid I stormed off without even saying a word to Rick because I was in between doubts at 5:00 a.m. the alarm for morning drill rang I felt really sick so I had to sleep in boy I pretended to Katie that I had cramps because I didn't want her clinging all over me Rick got worried and came over to check on me Rick was sweet I can't believe I almost let Katy do us dirty Katy do wasn't dirty let's hear her say about one more time I was great I can't believe I almost let Katy do us dirty I apologized to her but she shut me up with a kiss time passed and before long the long-awaited gone fire night

commenced we were really looking forward to this part of the camp but here I was under the weather I convinced him to go have fun for the both of us the next morning I got up quite late and everywhere seemed silent I walked out and discovered that everyone was searching for Rick Katy where's Rick why is everyone looking for him is he hurt I asked trembling they say that he was seen last night wandering in the woods Katy answered she co-hosts of tones she didn't even care then it hit me Katy never liked Rick she might have a hand in this she just might know what happened to Rick Katy do you know where Rick is I asked her with bloodshot eyes she stammered and I immediately took the case to our camp commander he called Katy to question her but she denied having anything to do with Ric's disappearance aretha one of the girls in my dormitory said she saw Katie and Rick together that night search shallow grave out in the forest he was stuck in a hole covered in leaves a few yards away from the bonfire I ran to give him a hug and check to see if he was hurt fortunately

had no bruises on him Katie asked me to escort her towards the lake she said she wanted to apologize for causing a quibble between you and I she pushed me in the booby trap it was unbelievable how she did it while she talked about how lucky I am to be with you and how much she wanted to be you listening to Rick's experience with Katie infuriated me I walked up to our camp commander to report the case Katie seemed unapologetic for what she had done would you believe that when she was asked why she did what she did she said she loved me and wanted me for herself Jaime what did I do to deserve all of this I guess I'll never know Katie got thrown out of camp as punishment for her misconduct and I had to lift her camp so I loved that her takeaway was what did I do to deserve having someone obsessed with me I guess I'll just never know well unfortunately it bees weren't quite the creepy vibe that I was hoping for I was hoping something that would give me more of that scared Halloween feel these stories were very interesting and I'm going to put a link to the channel below so you can check out some of their other ones they have a lot of interesting

titles I don't think any of them are really gonna give you goosebumps so until next time bye