10 January 2019

Loose Leash Walking: Train Dogs Meet & Greet People

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the loose leash walking meet and greet

exercise and that sets her up for being successful already she eats so fast very careful cuz she could have easily jumped right there and I want to set her up to succeed click injury prior to jumping use loose leash walking steps to train a dog to meet and greet a person and I didn't train you guys put your hands in your pockets but that's pretty smart things do now that Shelby would fight but you never know another nose slow down even more and you can even click the treatment a couple times so it's also good to click and treat the dog for looking at the person which I think that's one reason why the twix kind of barked at some of you because all of a sudden he's down here and i'll send you look side because oh my god they have faces you know it's scary at first and all faces look different so then you know you've got thousands trillions of different looking faces and each one that has something is a little scary so maybe jia bells hair is scary to one dog but not scary to another maybe a baseball hat is scary to one dog but a job is around baseball hats a lot it's not scary anymore a hood being on the head maybe that's curious meet and

greet person approaching the dog in the beginning a high rate of reinforcement will encourage the dog to do the behavior you like once he's doing the behavior slowly back off the treat reinforcement but continue to use your voice to tell the dog how amazing he is person pets the dog think about what you do want the dog to do instead of what you do not want him to do then train the dog to do the proper desired behavior lower down she's not really the best as she perches the person and that sets her up for being successful already she eats so fast