11 January 2019

Losing A Dog - Helping The Kids Honor Their Pet

My oldest daughter had to take her dog, Carson, to the vet for his final visit. Carson had a very advanced stage of cancer that was becoming very painful. Her two ...

hey Doc I'm going to have them today my

one don man Carson because he he's he he was 11 years old today we buried Carson Carson belonged to my daughter Katie most of you have not seen my oldest this is my oldest Katie and she has Lily and Liam their family lost a family pet one of her fur babies mr. Carson so that's why we're out here today decorating the stone and we had and we wrote his name on the stone [Music] [Music] maybe you should do it on that thing really am the answer so glass there [Applause] okay this will give us a nice place to sit down and work okay okay get my flip-flops off yeah you can take your flip-flops off we're gonna put the cement mix into the form and then you're gonna decorate the top a lot of these are those join pieces because I found a waterbed and so we're doing that yep and that's to light the white gotta get all this out of here because it's just the right amount for this stepping stone I'll show you how we flattened it out after I get it out don't don't tell Nana that I used her spoon from the kitchen okay I didn't say that in my

quiet voice I used probably kitchen Maggie they like that but I forgot she was behind the camera daddy curves oh happy happy all right yeah so here's how we're gonna try to get to flatten out a little bit we're gonna that's kind of heavy and this is my dog's today my god I went to heaven today my one dog named Carson because he he's he he was 11 years old we said need some balloons up to some balloon for him let's go sweet of you to send Carson a balloon or excited to see it so what we do your I bet you stormed away because I bet your wife the nervous they swab so what we do still stone things it's gonna be like a stepping stone that we put on Carson's burial site so that you can put his name in it so everyone knows that's what person is all right so I think I think that we're pretty smooth now those little things there when you start putting your I feel it yeah just don't get too much on your skin okay you can wipe it off so now you're gonna decorate it with these pieces well I'm just I just coming up with something the fat one joint easy to put on because then they won't get that close to you okay I think we should

probably leave room for his name and then write it when it's a little more dry hey let me let's leave here watch this oh happy smart let's leave the space so we undertook joint yeah so we're gonna put medal right we're gonna put his name in the middle part but we're gonna wait for it to be a little more dry so we're just gonna decorate around the edges and in these big parts on the bottom top okay if you wanna piece things on that's okay so Pappy's just trying to make this spot kind of smooth in the middle it was a little bit bumpy dump them out August why yeah you can dump it out [Applause] you want to tell us anything about Carson so he was a good dog and we don't have a custom and cheese bottle team we got him boy to the ER for ya and we got him oh I thought I found a big one can we try to use little ones to put in between the big ones let the big ones are easy to put it yeah like if we use the little ones and put in between the big ones okay so it's four dish there you go dad deal there you go good job all right so it's like put this way to

you yep just slide it in there and then do you just will tap it in a little bit can you know which funny just poopoo let's get this pulp wood and I just shake them put it just as you can for the money they put one okay you can hold it just like blood like that audio hold one of the rocks give me one of the glass yeah she pretty did weird I said name said oh happy [Laughter] we get him we gotta stay out of the middle sweetheart right here on the edge right here this one and since you owe it all my feet all so didn't want on me though shouldn't look for little pieces to see if we can get them to fit in there and the areas between will you put it in the middle okay well we'll fix it where we honor we'll fix it well we don't put them in the middle we're done pretty oh it is pretty oh it's so pretty woman what I think you guys are out of space I found do it oh it's so pretty I found a your hold it just hold it show it to me Mike or is it really Todd yeah what color

that one's blue we'll leave that that Michael even a can you say blue no that's right Joe Pappy what do you have show Pappy Pappy yeah look at that blue remove this one to the end okay okay is it time to write his name I will try it's still a little soft come here uncle one two you get that's the problem with skinny jeans more please ready ready set go [Applause] there's 108 one of all those chickens we have one is it big it is big it was individual chicken okay farm life boy the bridge no we're not swimming in that no yep lifter Edwin inside yeah I do for breakfast did you say hi to the bunny it's over here come over here come over hi baby girl yeah we're gonna put these in the bucket okay not in here I'm in the bucket thank you okay just look at it really and say it's pretty don't touch it I'm glad we did that it's really nice thank you big help thank you she likes to help she's doing a great job

Lilly mommy needs help with the laundry gonna help ya help nope it goes in there you're cleaning up this is all time yay happy high-five oh we missed one [Applause] good job it was a busy day here on the farm I'm glad that all that went well the kids took it well it was a sad moment but at the same time we get to celebrate the life that we had the 11 years that my daughter and her kids got to spend with Carson thank you so much for being with us here on this day thank you for experiencing the daddy kerbs farm story with me I do truly believe that everyone has a story and every story counts thank you for being a part of my story today and letting me be a part of yours I'll talk to you soon [Music]