07 December 2018

LPS Hotel

A new open-air LPS Hotel has opened on Black Friday!

I explained

Hey - missing your sleeps times over [Music] go outside yes you may hold on I need to eat up the Jonas Yoder yes you know take Timothy for a walk come on either come on - let me see them mommy [Music] okay I'm going back everyone your sleep studies over hi hey isn't this so good just now oh my god I'm eating cupcakes and I mean cake yeah I'm gonna go put my cupcakes let's go back to Sun Tanning okay now where's table now hey guys I got popsicles and a fish eat it so if you like my hair do like yeah my hair is kind of up but if you like my hair this is awesome oh and this is the second video of LPS world I mean okay hotel but this time part this is part two and we're outside this time we didn't make a video earlier because I was like someone was giving present earlier so yeah if you like my hair comment down below like oh and we need to get a hundred thousand lights and

subscription so yeah okay hey I'm Paul so sorry I hey I'm Paul and you can see in the background I mean there is tons of people uh Timothy is like all the way over there and as you see there's a person a giant person I'll move and you see legs and the jacket getting up so yeah sorry about that Timothy's white there's a little bit messed it up I'm gonna see that his legs aren't only in the good shape totally legs are in a good shape self Hey I'm Kathy I'm Timothy else I'm Timothy mcurtin I'm Timothy Morgan and my mom Tiger she saw earlier that once looking right at the camera my mom like she is compared to a short-haired in the Persian because my mom is technically a Persian because my grandmother pretty yeah you kind of Persian top I'm adopted my mom so we have purchased half Persian so yeah so let's our pair head into that field I should knock to the field wait let me finish let me get the face to look at the face guys I said what's up pay attention to

the fielder Oh that pink one so gonna pop the ball gonna throw it throw it I like it guys did you see that no I don't think you saw box so here's another close look at the popsicles roll it ah yeah you're gonna get it bro but you saw the previous okay obstacle bro oh I'm all gotten okay if you know a method that were outside so maybe lots of noise in the background there's a motorcycle wait Ellen I'll be right back we're gonna get someone's school tired ow bye Nene - I love babies dad I'm gonna put the camera to you yeah like dad over there it's really hard to see him oh there he is he's coming towards he fell out of the scooters getting back in honey you take cover yeah my mom is gonna flip mommy how do you stop it wait what photo no no no photo and then