24 June 2017

LPS hotel

LPS checking in to hotel.

LPS new hotel 1a hi there hi can I help

you yes we would want a room sure up there on room to tip room - okay come biscuit yeah my dog yeah we're going to noon spinning that cage what are you gonna do when we get progress yes then you need to go on the cage or one day can I'll take care of him okay if you say so well can I not sleep on there - you have - fine okay over here don't meet thank you next hi there hi there what would you like a room a room okay yes and I just want my own room well there's a room that's gonna be taken I'm sorry hmm so you can get a worker again I think next I'm not so hard you know this such a big wine spent it forever know when to bring it all taken if Gio is off bring it to me oh my god got the deal I know mm-hmm I'm swell good biting huh I'm good I know I would like a room okay um can you show us the Panda yeah Jared I'll come here Oh Bob yeah I'm not bald your neck yeah and I'm Beatrice yeah so you can go over there next hi

well oh hi there well would you like this um I would like a room of to peace a room of - oh now up there I'm room 3 he's King Kong right yeah so you don't want to take out later yeah get it [Music] Oh milk's so hollow face that that activated in fact Graydon says I'm sorry because there's um I served LPS lowdown that stunk that's black and white there you know that she keeps going down cuz I haven't said that yet and yeah I'm sorry I so many people all using the way oh I'm so tired oh it's going to forever we would like a room of two please yeah right before me oh yeah ha no Bush I'm not you thank you inspire her boss okay next hi there oh god the cruise it survived of course we survived no Alicia Roz and I hope you know that we want you to go ever come back we're I already have one placing yes it was the yellow person Thanks but they're scared of the careers okay now just please go please just go bang boom

anywhere anywhere come on girl let's just go alright please agree that we should stay in here all okay okay next Scott at average next hi hi oh okay okay no hey this girl with that girl and macaroni and okay are you over there like way over there like right here okay okay children keep some pain pills package hi oh well hi there miss night I would like a room of one for two please room two okay go up there Thanks what's nice who's next me a room of one please okay over where oh hi hi there my name's Pam hi minute timers and hikers what would you like I would like just a rumor of them with me over there my job is done let's go check on them they did to blot hello hi I was definitely not looking at them and oh dude I totally said she's mine well we're going to fight over her room complete do you work the rest of my did you know I was just here for room fun funky blue one and now my day is over now time to put stall the stalled in the kennel those dolls there for these dogs

what they do with these dogs what to do with these dogs all right just put them over by the cage then when we lock up Buster feet up okay yeah back up off and my day is over okay I got someone down and the dog dog loud well Pete never nice day