10 September 2019

LPS snow boarding crew review

I'm a terrible dad I'm going back and then going through my phone.

hi guys that we've opened and this these

are gloomy accessories and there are some LPS that we already ordered and you not know and have not come with the package and there's one last pet shop then have mixed-up eyes twice yes you're the MoMA Oh PS this is wobbly yeah her head feels like rubber so let the twice before dangerous because I still have little step back this one has bet in its little eyes and clover eyes here's this other one it's the dog yes really bad I really love him yeah here's the mini pocket and she is a very cute but you can't see her that much because she's all black so she might be very hard to get if it's a dark black area but she does hello miss max oh wait and here in with the freaking out yes oh the messed-up eyes I still love it but the eyes are messed up and I just one time and we decide to play a game anyway if we going to wander on the water and see who can get the LPS versus yes and we actually goggles we could see underwater and since as we knew I saw some great here over on the I so your they don't water the old ones stand look stand is actual fool this is kind of why I wanted the family but cut the whole

stands fool so how can I almost got blob this down some tape no do not flip it on the table didn't see as much see everything yeah I'm going to see everything and they want to know what's the mystery that looks like it's just a hand yes but we're keeping it over in there so you cannot see but see all the other LPS okay so here are the here's the main board I love this one because you can actually use this on a skateboard or snowboard you have a dual of like any normal yeah like any kind of a baby one new everyone can actually work on it to the baby chat can also go because it will be long wide in the file mystery yeah but here's the baby and then call me fish okay and the final one is this is a break it feel here is yeah does he look like a little grumpy face to you pick up judy is well let's flies all over face you look at our grumpy cat who's grumpy yeah I went out of here I'm here I don't like dad he is actually a cat who actually ones and chases away our cats I've another cat she's an adult her name is Rosie and my mom she likes her

because she's calling quiet [Music] sorry this hurts your eyes and that is what you're what you look sighs so what are the baby chest [Music]