12 March 2019

Mail/ pack from the hospital #service-dog #makeup #photography #disabilities.

Total knee replacement pack medical , dentist, and my photography.... wish me luck !!! At the dentist tomorrow .liquid diet for 3 weeks... so bring on the jello ...

I can't wait till I start putting on

makeup again Hey so tomorrow guys I'm getting my teeth removed on the bottom these ones here yeah there's not very many they'll be out and then they'll be nice and pearly white like this in a few weeks yay so when I put on that lipstick you won't see these ill TV so anyways guys guess what came in the mail today for surgery my complete knee replacement oh oh it yeah all the things that I have to I get to take notes yeah your boobs look at this one quit life back into your life yeah yeah you you know about car transfers hard to get in and out of the car without but without twisting your new knee yeah gonna take a year maybe two years for that bone to grow over the joint it's not great and then look at this one this one are we fun yeah let me see my fine oh this one this one pain control there was a fancy one here it was pretty cool about a nerve block oh maybe I lost it already - it's pretty cool oh no seminal nerve block you're awake for this surgery so maybe my doctor will let me chat to you well he's got my leg open we'll see

hey I will be numb in a week yeah not something that I was looking forward to you he's hearing my bones break and crack but he says he can do it within like 45 minutes to an hour that wouldn't be too long so if I clean up my phone maybe maybe we could talk well I'm getting it all done hey I'm not sure I have no idea guys I just know that I'm a little worried what look at this while you are we where you total me or hip replacement surgery give you a whole bunch of papers to read nippers what are those guys let's see if I can find a picture these exercises I can't even get up off the floor now I don't even I don't know if I could do some of these I may have to do them in my bed yeah other issues just besides of me and keeping behind a picture it's hard to look for with one hand guys misty probably had to go to the front to the dog there we go sorry guys I should have done my homework before there we go because I only get 10 minutes to record there we go yeah this is what an Eevee placement looks like I'm having a complete B 1 is 1

and then the top of my femur I see right here I have a tumor in my right knee right here I have a tumor that's right there so they're watching that one yay so my left knee is getting replaced and I have a tumor in my right knee a tray didn't die in my femur lucky me so so I will be talking for a while so I just want to say I love you keep watching um I guess I will be talking much I don't know how it goes how go our go tomorrow but it's me right guys [Applause] [Music]