22 March 2017

Make America Healthy Again: “The Shared Path of Pets and Owners” with Jan Jeremias

For this edition of Make America Healthy Again, I speak again with Jan Jeremias, of Paws Path. Through her work as an Animal Health and Wellness Councilor, ...

craig here for another edition of make

America healthy again with my friend Jen Jeremiah Falls pass a Jan hey Craig how are you pretty good again is a animal health and wellness counselor working specifically with dogs and cats if you haven't seen her on our discussions before but she works pretty specifically in you know holistic wellness with with dogs and cats but the interesting thing about Paul's path is when you and I got together to work on your on your digital media is that how you said how the journey was about with the pet and the owner alike and that you know we see this I mean we live in an area where everybody's got a dog and the dog of the owners they all look alike you know we're all familiar with that you know that dynamic county the personalities interchange right and I guess you picked up on that with your work and then and that when of when a pet is going through something that the caretaker or the owner is also going through a similar I don't think expand a little bit I might not be getting back exactly right no yeah i just find as in my work as i speak to people and i work with them and their animal that I think it struck me in the beginning how often they would

have the same issue physically you know how I would meet an owner who or caretaker that what came to me because their animal had let's say kidney and bladder problems and in the conversation they would say oh you know I also have kidney and bladder problems and it just struck me how often physically you'll get you know caretakers who are taking care of animals who are similar or identical issues health issues going on but also how which i think is linked to how much our emotions are held in our physical body and usually if you have an anxious owner you have an anxious pack like you know and if you have a common or somebody who's laid back a lot of the time you'll have a pet that's pretty laid-back an animal that's pretty laid back so you're drawing the causal relationship here between these internal illnesses and our emotions more so than diet lifestyle I mean because we're not eating the same thing is there a pet necessarily I mean I guess you know there could be the same environmental impacts of our cars chemicals and and and and and materials within the home that out gasps a certain way and water and such right so I mean I'm sure that

plays a part but I think also the whole emotional dynamic and I thought about this because this just happened the other day because I had a friend of mine who called me who one of her cast his past had passed away and she texted me like two days later to tell me that one of the other cast actually has developed some sort of upper respiratory sinus infections as has she so I thought okay well how interesting the other thing is that those emotions are held the emotion of grief is held in the scientists in the upper respiratory system in Chinese medicine and I thought well how interesting is that could it almost happened like I mean the cat was perfectly healthy before the other cat passed away and now they both have developed this sort of upper respiratory sinus issue which I'm sure you know have to do with real on a debrief yeah so do you look to Chinese medicine because I you know I'm a little bit familiar with how chinese medicine relates in there five element system to emotions and how two different systems organs seasons foods and such is that what you look to as a guy that is one thing i know i have to say my love i limited knowledge of

Chinese medicine I have a little knowledge but the knowledge I do have I feel really serves me and then sometimes when I'm making recommendations I will actually draw from Chinese medicine because or maybe in dnr ayurvedic medicine because I think they look at the the organism whether it be an animal organism or a person organism as a whole as opposed to much more traditional I think modality Western medicine or westerbeck traditional veterinary medicine which tends to look at the animal or in medicine the human as being compartmentalized you know if there's this system and then there's that system when I try to look at much more as an integration right so I know you work a lot with essential oils aromatherapy with with pets so when addressing is what you're saying now is that if there's a shared you know kidney sinus problem with the pet and the owner you know you're not able to prescribe remedies for the owner obviously because you're not licensed that way but I mean you know in working with the pets and working with the owners then how does that process work how do you then bring it bring it up do is it just by putting

awareness on the issue yeah I mean sometimes it's making the caretaker aware when I make my recommendations I might make recommendations that lets a physically support an organ system it also might support the emotion that's held there so for example if I'm dealing with kidneys and bladder the emotion is usually here and so I might recommend some oils that are really good for you know countering fear whether it be stability and grounding or courage and so I sort of when I make my recommendations I might draw from both and sometimes I come up like i'll be talking to about a kidney bladder issue and i'll talk to you you know i'll speak with the caretaker and i'll draw and they'll look at me but because they think some of my recommendations if they know essential oils are kind of strange in sort of out of the box but that's what I what I found really works like I have clients and I think that because I'm looking at it from both angles the healing tends to happen because we are systems that you know are emotional beings yeah well you know it's interesting when you know when you when you when you talk about essential oils

and that you know you sort of have to kind of put that disclaimer that you know because people find them to be heirs oz bizarre unproven what have you and I've been thinking a lot about why the whole issue how we address health care in general we think about health care in this country and when President Trump last week said dealing with health care is difficult yeah its difficulty if you stick with in this really difficult system you know but if you but if you're like a lot of Americans like us and you open your mind up to traditional energetic forms of healing it's not that difficult actually and you're putting your trust into something that may not be laboratories approved and stamped and and there might not be a big business behind it but it's def Acacius nonetheless that's right and I think that you know won't go through into the whole essential oil world where in the fact that I think that a lot of it is not i would say readily accepted because of you know the cost and things like that which you know people look but i think that once you start to address things more from the root cause as being an entire being you start to see great

changes i think a lot of problems in too because people try to address or even in our animal world where we're trying to you know take care of our animal is we address it as we looked at the symptomatology the fact that you know i'll have an animal that will come to me with chronic sinus and you know of a respiratory stuff and if you dress it purely from the physical standpoint the animal never gets better because you're not addressing that emotional element so the you know the underlying cause is not really going away yeah and hence the difficulty because you know you can only put so many band-aids on a problem without going to you know why is there bleeding in the first place that's right exactly exactly yeah so and and we should let you know viewers know that you work mostly with people remotely people don't need to be wherever you are in order to engage with you and work with you most people you work with you work with the way we're talking right now over Skype or FaceTime or some sort of digital kind of connecting to where you can actually and do help pets and their owners mostly remotely yeah I mean every now and then I mean obviously I

you know live in an area and somebody will have me come over and see their animal and I'll you know talk to them about it or show them some ways to apply of essential oils or what to do but most of the time it is most of time and some of the phone or by facetime guides zoom all the sort of electronic form continued notation that we have now and it works beautifully I mean because it's mainly just an information gathering and for you know a lot of time I think a lot of what I do is help people to see sometimes what they are not able to see ya sometimes we're too close to a situation to see it sometimes we just need to be made aware and then I can actually give them solutions which is a nice thing because you want to offer somebody solutions and hope for whatever they're dealing with and so I can offer solution but it's really just a really dynamic conversation that has had over most maybe multiple days or a week of just gathering as much information and sometimes I will get back to be the caretaker or to date because after I've asked a few questions all of a sudden they start to look at their animal

differently and they're not looking at you know their animal in the same way and they're like oh I never noticed this before but yeah sorry so people interested in knowing more can go to your website which is called pause past calm I'll make sure i'll put the link in the description below and look forward to catching up again soon and people can learn how to more naturally and holistically help their pets and help themselves and the same process yes thank you so much Craig have a great day your chair