08 September 2019

Man unleashes his dogs to attack other pets and people in the streets!

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so this is a really weird story we're

gonna hop over in just a moment to the epic times to take a look at their write-up on this story but before we do let me mention the video that's linked in the article so there is a video of this occurrence I'm not going to play it on my in this video though and you don't really need to see it anyways the article paints a clear picture of what occurred the video is a little bit too a little bit difficult to understand what's going on and to be quite honest it's only 59 seconds long all the text is in Chinese so you can't even really see what the news report is all about in that video and the video you basically just see one dog off a leash going up to another dog and being a bit aggressive to it as the owner picks their dog up and keeps it safe from the aggressor dog so to speak that's all it is in the video for 59 seconds but the article provides us with a lot more detail so let's get into this story again this is gonna be a bit of an odd one no surprise taking it from the top article reads man suspected man suspected of unleashing dogs to attack pets owners video so ignore the owners video part but yeah this guy is

suspected of unleashing his dogs to attack pets pretty crazy stuff let's take a look a man was detained after being suspected of allowing his dogs to run off their leash and attack other people and their dogs according to Chinese online news outlet K news the two dogs owned by the suspect have been taken to an animal shelter and the owners license to own the dogs has been revoked individuals in China are required to have such licenses to own dogs the victim surnamed Xu along with two other family members and their dogs suffered injuries from the attack on August 15th in Shanghai the suspect surnamed Wang hid his dogs in a different province after the attack according to the August 22nd report from ke news hold on a second he after the attack he hit his dogs in a different province what that's that's a bit ridiculous this whole story is really weird it's a really weird one let's talk about dogs being off leash for a second before we continue I was a dog owner unfortunately he passed away last year rest in peace my friend he was a great dog I love dogs I love you in a little one thing that

always upset me though walking my dog because I've always lived in apartment complexes here in LA people who walk their dogs off leash that always upsets me now listen I don't know what the circumstances are where you live maybe it's different but here where I live and the places I've lived my gosh if you have a dog off leash it is such a bad idea for example one apartment complex I lived in the only way to get up and down was really the elevators and especially if you have a dog you can't be taking them down the stairs three flights of stairs and all that it's not good on their on their joints so everyone will take the elevators and it would bathroom yet some people would actually have their dogs off leash while they're waiting for the elevator and taking the elevator and in the elevator such a bad idea I mean my dog was part German Shepherd and if some dog came running up to him to start smack and that dog was off the leash there would absolutely be a big fight big fight would happen and especially with those elevators man the doors would just open and if there's two dogs and one of them is off leash or both of them are it's such a problem

elevator doors open all of a sudden the dog fight because one dogs waiting there once in the elevator they get spooked they start fighting and all you have to do is keep your dog on a leash and let me again emphasize maybe this is different where you live maybe there are differences in the layout of the apartment or whatever whatever I don't want to be talking smack on a bunch of people I'm just sharing my opinion with things that I have had occur to me so throughout the years man I would be walking my dog and while most people would have their dogs on leash there would be a recurring theme where I would see some people not having their dogs on a leash and usually they would be small dogs as if that makes it better it doesn't make it better but I will say a big dog being off leash is even worse and I would see that sometimes sometimes full grown big dogs and these people wouldn't have him on a leash and you know what there was one time this big dog different apartment complex now I was taking my boy for a walk he was doing his business this big dog comes around the corner no leash runs right up to my dog and luckily my dog scared him

away they didn't get in a fight or anything but you know I had to pull my dog I had to kind of and here's the other thing too so that story was uneventful no fight really happened was just annoying but over the years I would get so annoyed with these people man I went from this is progressing years and years and years right at first I would try to get in the middle of the two dogs and break up the fight I would risk myself by doing that and you know what's really annoying to routinely I would notice that these people who have their dogs off the leash take all the time in the world to get their dog I've had dogs run up to my dog and try to fight him attack him and their owners like taking their sweet time walking and I'll literally be yelling and start cussing saying like get your effing dog on a leash or you know break up this fight and the owners just casually walking meanwhile these two dogs are going at it I'm in the middle luckily somehow I never actually got hurt that's crazy I somehow I never got hurt the dogs were always pay attention to each other but

my gosh man I got so I got so annoyed with this I'm a huge animal lover I am I love dogs but I love animals in general but it got so bad over the years that I started to become like let me explain this my dog would get older too and his health was getting worse and worse and worse it would start declining and still these people would have their dogs off the leash and it got to the point where my dog even if he was way bigger he just doesn't want that nonsense man he wouldn't even defend himself anymore because he's just he was just getting old and tired old and tired and he doesn't want this crap in his life and these people would just let their dogs run up and just basically let their dogs chew on my dog and like I said take their sweet time so as this progressed longer and longer and longer and my dog got older I started to lose my temper with this stuff man I went from being the guy to try to break up the fight Basin result peacefully to for both sides the only caring about my dog which is crazy because I'm an animal lover even if a dog is like going after my dog I'll feel bad for the other dog too

because it's really the owners fault for not having it on a leash but it got so bad and so consistent that I had to really only be concerned with for my boy and his health and you know take about what you will I'm not gonna say what I may have done or not done in these situations but just know that my concern shifted from getting both dogs out of the situation okay to only protecting my dog and being sure that he was okay because that's some bull okay that rant aside let's get back to the article I just had the I had to voice that opinion it really bugs me when people don't either dog on a leash it's such an easy thing to do you just put it on a leash you're all good and these people are so lazy they just won't do it even when it risks their dog you know potentially getting in a fight and then that dog needs to be put down or something because of that and there's medical bills like oh my god all you got to do is put on a leash what's wrong with you people anyways let's get to the article I'm sorry about that continuing on I guess we'll scroll down so here's the video here's the video actually did we do finish this yeah the victim's

surname shoe oh yeah we read that so there's the video we're not gonna watch I already watched it I already explained to you what that's all about not missing much a video shows the elderly shoe walking a small white furred dog out of his housing community when suddenly he yanked the dog off the ground by the leash behind him and and my scroll wheels being annoying again that's the only thing about this website it's laggy for some reason sorry about that behind him a small dog leaps at shoes dog repeatedly biting at the rear of shoes pet the likely ruckus caused by the attack to retention of all the people nearby while a security camera recorded their reaction all the while the suspect Wang dressed in a black shirt and khaki pants walked briskly over to the scene that's more than I can say about the people that I've seen over here walking briskly these people will barely even walk at a pace faster than the snail's pace man a woman in black runs into view of the camera carrying her dog that was attacked while the dog that started the attack chases her and leaps up biting onto her right arm another of Wang's dogs which looks

like a golden retriever follows behind focusing more on the dog carrying out the attack Wang appears to try to stop the dogs but act slowly eventually he gets the smaller dog under control while the bigger dog is still jumping around him while carrying the smaller dog the bigger dog once more goes to harass shus family after the big dog calms down again Shu begins to walk away with his two dogs but once they get a distance from the scene he puts down the smaller dog the smaller dog immediately turns and rushes back to the group of people where the initial attack happened the bigger dog follows behind once more as they charge towards the people this is ridiculous oh my gosh yeah oh my gosh and you know this is China so maybe there's some cultural differences I don't know if it's uh I don't know if it's required to have a dog on the leash in China as it is where I lived here in LA but I'm assuming it is because they talk about needing to get a license to even have a dog so they'd probably take this stuff pretty seriously so I'm assuming the dog should be on a leash and well that's clearly not what happened

shiron his two family members were injured in the attack along with their own dog however the report did not include details about injuries sustained after the attack wing allegedly hit his dogs in young Zeus young young Yang's out yang Zhou Young's ooh I think it's a young zoo honestly ma'am it's Cody yang yang's Oh Yang's Oh Yang's Oh City in the neighboring Ginsu province according to ke News police brought the dogs back to Shanghai where they were placed into a shelter and Wang's permits for the four owning the dogs were revoked Wow okay so I must have read this wrong in the beginning I was mixing up Wang with Shu I thought it said that Shu had hid his dogs after not Wang that's my fault so wing okay that that's that's interesting yeah I wonder I wonder what's going on with that because if if Wang was just walking his dogs without a leash and letting them get in fights and then after a fight already happened like shortly after he lets the other dog go and it happens all over again it seems like he doesn't really care but then to hide the dogs this kind of seems like he does care so I don't even know this is a

very weird story very strange person here police charged Wang with intentionally releasing his dogs to attack people and detained him for an unreported amount of time Wow so that's the story guys I I don't know I don't know was this guy really just training his dogs till I go around and attack people and then like he would do this for fun or something walk around China and just like let the dog go and they'd get in a fight seems kind of unlikely but with the crazy stories we've been reading I guess it's possible I don't know I don't know what to make of this story I really don't but let me know what you think about this story really there's two possibilities do you think this was huge accident and mr. Wang just forgot to put his dogs on a leash or something and he didn't mean for that to happen I guess three possibilities hold up let me present three possibilities possibility number one Wang doesn't really care about his dogs never really walks him on a leash and this was kind of destined to happen at some point option number two Wang does care about his dogs it was kind of an accident that he didn't have

the leash that time for some reason whatever happened and this whole thing was an accident or number three this dude is really this is the one that the police came up with and the article you know claims to be the case so this might really be what's true I just find it so hard to believe that this is really the case but number three do you think that this guy mr. Wang was really like taking his dogs around the streets and like trying to get them to attack other pets do you think this dude was on leash as the article puts man suspected of unleashing dogs to attack pets owners video and the the title says suspected but the end of the article too said he was charged right it literally says at the end of the article police charged Wang with intentionally releasing his dogs to attack people and detained him for a non reported amount of time do you think that's the case that's that's how crazy man I don't even know that's the end of this video though if you enjoyed this video if you had fun and hopefully my rant at the beginning didn't annoy anybody I'm really sorry if it did guys that sort of thing's been bugging me for so long I haven't even had my dog for

going on a year and a half and that still gets me heated to think about that the other thing I didn't even mention if you made it this far I'll give you this information too towards the end my dog started to have problems breathing with his chest and stuff so like if a dog started to attack my dog I couldn't just pull my dog away with the leash because my dog would be in pain why should my dog suffer because this other person doesn't have their dog on a leash why should my poor old boy who has been such a kind friend to me why should he suffer because I need to pull him away and he's already in pain dude like that's that's that's not gonna happen that's not gonna happen so all right let's move on from this let's move on from this guy's I'm sorry shouts out for the video the WoW video Lancaster kid anime Tony mr. anime three for three thank you very much for promoting that video and for the vic video the christopher Sabbat one shouts at to JMU to max the Lancaster kid fritz VA Crispino Ken Samantha Mew mr. anime three for three Jago hashtag I stand with Vic random fandom Bertha cuff frost scale chars a

kitsune and Hyperion and skill a kitty there we go so that's for the last two videos there was a bit rambling in this one I mean I'm gonna say sorry again now if you guys have a dog you know you guys know how it is maybe maybe not but I hope you enjoy your time with your dog I hope you have a great day I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll catch you [Music] [Music]