13 March 2019

March 10th Huntington Dog Beach Epic Pack Walk Event 2019 OC Local Dog Owner Meet Up & Group Walk

March 10th Huntington Dog Beach Epic Pack Walk Event 2019 OC Local Dog Owner Meet Up & Group Walk Subscribe Now www.epicdogpros.tv EPIC DOG ...


[Applause] [Music] the pack walk event is officially here got a lot of fun people here today it's gonna be a blast I love see there's a deal the epic Derby average come on out bring your dog I think it was a false alarm that's called crying seal it's a big ocean okay where we looking you don't know we're here at the Huntington dog beach for our pack walk event get started pretty soon today from three to five people are already here come on out make some new friends bring your dog it's a blast we're gonna be doing these pack walks of events every month there is a seal good to see you that's Huntington dog Beach people they clean up this beach and make sure that every dog owner who comes to the beach has a good time and a good experience so we always urge you to stop by the yellow tent buy some of their gear give a donation so much fun well hey there [Music] are you gonna roll over belly scratches oh my god I was like I'm gonna give this guy a hug oh I love you hi old-timer I know a French Bulldog you're in the

running for what I want to get as a puppy right now I just can't find any but I love [Music] this dog is a true success story mainly because the owners are so epic and they do so much with this dog that you have no option but to listen to what they say and have a good time thank you here you guys can put your dogs in a sit and hug the edge put him in a sit feel free to pet your dog let them know they're doing good [Music] every single hopefully everything's alright family emergency and what I say pooping first 15 minutes I know dogs alright if anybody says anything about Dylan it's that Dylan knows dogs alright I certainly know what they need to poop [Music] squirrel is a little scared we got astray it's alright you guys just walk back is that yours yeah I wouldn't have it on a leaf she literally saw me trying to shoo her dog away I didn't know that was the owner she was I thought she was just watching so be mindful you guys got some

dogs up ahead you guys can put your dog in a sit we're gonna let the rest of the group catch up it's a beautiful black Shepherd kind of pulling kind of excited he's also walking until right now so he's actually working two dogs at once this is incredible talk about being epic he's like Santa ho gotta love it now I know it seems like we might just be taking a break but a lot of working through our dog's anxiety is through observation so far these dogs have only seen the front or back of a dog right now they're able to kind of calmly observe all these dogs or they just focus on their owner and go I don't care I have four people I can get belly rubs from so it's nice to see how your dog reacts are they sleeping like shady are they kind of looking around are they looking at you what is your dog doing right now for the most part everybody's dog is relaxed your dog wants to sniff a little bit just like this grass smells good mom good grass good stuff good stuff chillin should we call cheat your tongue is feel free to join the walk if you want I want you to just keep it one step

one step very calm very relaxed like yoga dog walking at this point shavasana style good job everyone good job everyone [Music] Oh get a hold of yourself Miko please what he's an alien he just came from a space trip my god yeah man you got a helmet cause if he falls spaceport that's it wave to YouTube [Music] look at the kites - eight girls you want to just lay down shady girl using water as a tree you got to find what your dog likes Little Feat professional dog trainer Samantha and her two amazing show dogs yeah so there's a whale guys yeah I saw the the water go up in the air talk about an epic pack walk we saw a seal and now my first whale you want to race on the speed where didn't on my feet get set go before you gonna win no she's taking the lead oh it's gonna be a close one Wow the long boards helping me that was like a tie that was close she goes there's a squirrel there's a frickin squirrel alright so once a month we're

gonna be doing these epic catwalk events free to the local community of Orange County you feel like driving from LA and San Diego feel free to come to us we'd love to have you we walk from the huntington dog beach lifeguard tower 24 all the way to the pier and back that's what we do it's amazing it's a lot of fun we always have new faces new dogs new people showing up it's great so come join us don't make an excuse just come show up and join the fun be epic or be average [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Almighty dead she's got that face like what's happening what's happening he's like a mini frogman [Music]