03 September 2019

MARLTONS – How to Crate Train your dog using treats | Afternoon Express | 2 September 2019

Training your furry companion is never easy, especially when they have developed some nasty habits. However, with the rightt raining and a little love and ...

now training your furry companion is

never easy especially when they've developed some nasty habits however with the right training and a little love and patience anything is possible we take a look now at the benefits of crate training and how this is a great way to establish some basic house rules crate training your dog may take some time but with a little effort it can be extremely useful in many situations no matter if you have a pup or an older dog crate training is a great way to train your dog basic house rules this is Mucca Mucca is about four and a half years we've had him for about three years he's a rescue dog we know that he's got a lot of Ridgeback in him and he has probably got I have a Great Dane or verbal and we rescued him from the animal anti-cruelty League he had actually been knocked over by a car had a broken back and after about a month of being put in a trolley they wheeled him to the animal and Tecate League and they wanted put him to sleep and the ladies that were working that day saw him it was such a beautiful dog that they actually took him out of the sleep section and they put him into

their adoption side I got a message via Facebook and I threw it on to my husband and he immediately phoned me and said let's give Luke her a really good home him being a rescue dog and coming from where he was his one obsession was actually food he was always worried that my other dogs were about to take his food away and that was really how we then started with the idea of some crate training his head his table height so straightaway he'd be in on your plate if you didn't stop him Craig training is about teaching a dog that a crate is the best place in the world it is a safe place a happy place it is the place the dog ideally once will choose to want to be there regardless the crate can help you teach your teenager to win they're in the house they've come you're positively able to reward that the crate trading for food aggressive dogs brilliant it's a safe place where you can start working with the things that tend to make dogs aggressive and they can learn safely that there's no need to be aggressive there is no threat and essentially it's because if you can end on a positive you have taught your dog something if you

only ever tagged away at the negatives and you're not gonna help the dog understand what is the right thing to do using it treats with crate training is the number one reward you can use why because food is a dog's primary resource a hug is not going to have that effect a Pat's not going to have that effect a happy voice is not necessarily going to help you much they're so primary resource is food you can crate train at any age it comes down to a few basic steps in order to introduce crate training to your dog ANSI takes us through these few basic steps crate training is all about making lists crate the best place in the world for the dog where they choose to go in of their own accord without being asked how did we get to this place use notes is that nuclear just lay down very comfy in there that's his happy spot that's all we want to achieve a safe place so that we can give a dog a place where we can reward with behavior because when you train a dog it's about ending on a positive this is Sahara and Sahara hasn't been crate trained so to help you understand how what the steps were firstly I want to do is bring the dog

close by and lead the dog to a happy crate place I'm then gonna start shucking a treat inside yeah it's you see four feet in is brilliant because normally you're gonna struggle for two feet in three feet in four feet in your notes ish she's not that comfortable that she's either sitting or lying yet but we're gonna keep making her life totally comfortable where she begins to understand that that's the best place to be a mother's world Paco I'm now gonna go to these bigotry they yummy but they take longer to choose she's already sitting yeah excellent and there's a down brilliant now what we're gonna do is we're going to start making the gaps bigger and bigger between treats so it might be easiest to start feeding bigger treats a takes longer the bigger treats also make the dog inclined to Liza and then go get stuck into those those treats when I start walking away I'm going to be more inclined to give us something that takes a lot longer to chew more they'll teachers the minute you step out you lose that yummy thing Craig training is brilliant when you're starting house training as in where to pee and poop or dissuade your dog to do

the bad thing where it has an opportunity to be rewarded for a behavior that is more preferable than bad thing living so when we've got the parade we actually had it in our kitchen and and she would come and we got Luka to associate the crate as a happy safe space for him to actually go to so he would be in his crate and a meter away would be my other dogs in their beds eating their bones and over time Luca then began to realize that he was quite safe in his crate and that there was no threat with his bones nowadays he just goes into the crate on his own if if we're sitting here having a lunch or dinner he'll go straight into the crate on his own and he's a great dog he's a fabulous dog in fact my husband says that his best dog ever with the little patience and the right techniques you can easily introduce the benefits of crate training your furry loved ones happy training [Music]