11 January 2019

May I pet your dog book

hey guys is me autumn first I'm gonna

sing this home and I was betting some father allophones left I can't but but but no took me speakers but I will spend some father and I found alive like a but I'm wait hold on oh and I was on San Paulo right I found alive I can type live the count the times but no no wait I am skipping down hey why no I don't like it I don't care give it to my channel then give it to one of the boys [Music] we like certain things so the book is called may I let me take any backseat no coach I told you I don't want that sorry so alright may I pet your dog but I'm not just any dog I'm a long horrible Harold horrible chocolate day pulled - shut action my name is Harry and I want to be your friend do you want to be my friend good good I'll tell you here's the picture that says do you want to be my friend I'll tell you how here's this one that says woof I'm a dog just not any kind at all well I'm a dog a chocolate dog [Music]

all right when you see me Tommy asked ma'am may I pet your dog I'm a messenger shy but I like meeting noodles and I like kids the best okay go ahead yes you know Harry loves children see I told you she's Shawn she should see I told you here's the one with him mom's telling him he can set the dog here's wait now yeah here's the one that he's telling him all right here's what you to do most hold your hand out with your fingers down let me come and sniff it hi-yah that's how I learn about the world I use my nose sniff sniff I felt yes I felt safe with you I feel sick you can you can pet me now Harry's waiting waiting waiting his tail the way he does when he's happy oh I'm sorry that I keep forgetting to say a couple pages here unless something's right so let's make this book I'm trying to use my feet I like to be scratched yes oh my back please come soon don't give him a hand that scares me I'm soft right your bling that's a good thing always

eglise with dogs lamp light light oh I am so sorry Anna here comes my friend wicks twigs twigs do you want to mere ask the owner may I pet your dog may I pet your dog yes you may twig twig can be Wiggy Wiggly and jump because she just a puppy but she's very sweet do you remember what to do next that's right toe to your hands hold it your hand out with your fingers that nut twigs twigs come and snip snip snip snip here's that picture where he's sniffing and that's the picture they say yes palm make nose all right so this is the last page oops yes oops twig likes to too much you too much she [Music] what yeah yeah her owner yo Tommy first piece I ate today twigs sit good dog you can you know it's our happy hat all right so I read the book to you guys if you didn't go already go check out my go check out my other video um the first couple chapters of Edward Tulane so bye