10 September 2019

Me and my service dog travel in South Dakota : Van Life

Travel with my service dog in South Dakota has been fun. Van life with a dog means stopping often for playtime (that was my plan anyway). Rest areas and ...

run and play tomlin two keywords going

through South Dakota really just looking for a rest area to get Tomlin him out of the car for a while and getting in the break [Music] if you're traveling in a vehicle pulling a trailer you have to part where the big guys part just about every rest area requires that clerking for cars and trailers is it closed pet areas are on either end it's way down there they've also got fed areas down here on this side one of the things about traveling with a service dog is you want given every opportunity to exercise as much as possible so cooped up in the van traveling 8 10 12 hours a day just so your dog can have lots of space to run and play we're not [Music] [Applause] you want to make sure to bring toys for stimulation [Music] right now back on the room and use my students have a string on it because I'm too short so the string lets me pull it

right up we keep running into birth instruction like this nine nine blue frustrating but it means so I'm not gonna complain or not too much anyway but check this out the guy's driving a truck pulling a fifth wheel pulling a trailer okay Google what's the weather right now in municipal de interior it's 89 and sunny we're at the National Grassland there I just checked and the temperature that feels like is 95 degrees and wow this is hot and if you can look behind me far off in the distance you can see the Badlands of South Dakota isn't that cool so we have the Badlands over there and the National Grasslands over here and we have you keep going that was a stop at the quick stop at the overlook for the National Grasslands it's just on interstate 90 just a little pull off there there's no services or anything it's just designed to give us all a good view and it gives you a chance to play with your dog out of the car which is so important while you're traveling our next stop is exit number

131 off i-90 which is the Minuteman missile National Historic Site on one side of the interstate and turning left we'll be going to the Badlands National Park [Music] we're heading west on i-90 here at exit number 131 we turned left in a few miles we come to the Badlands National Park [Music] because I lost some footage I want to supplement with a view of the park service with a Flickr account they're all photos from the peplums in South Dakota and they are just amazing to Patel Park itself is an amazing place just b14 is a $25 fee for a private vehicle it's good for seven days also except for the National Park passes there are different portions at the United States called badlands this is South Dakota how an area got its names or two things it was bad in the sense that it's very very difficult for someone to survive out in the area it's hot it's desert the other thing is it was a harbor for criminals during the time of the wild wild west lots of bad things were going on hence badlands all right now it's time to go

you want a gun you need water of course he needs water I've already filled it there you go look what else he wanted ice our ice machines making ice just like I have in my tea right here we're back on the road so don't forget click like on the video make sure that you subscribe so you can follow us on all the rest of our journey if you're watching always hash tag bodacious what the way living here's another clip from Tomlin coming right up AHA did you like the last little drop left in my milkshake up OK Tomlin come on that's your present for the day love you