28 February 2017

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center's Puppy Bowl Rematch at KPRC's Houston Life

back to Houston life everyone it's not

super bowl Friday without a little puppy bowl we have two of the cutest teams joining us and please take a look at them they are adorable joining us now is Laura cook so first of all tell us a little bit about meadowlake you guys were so kind to provide these little cuties to us absolutely we're happy to be here thanks for having us as you said we're from meadow lake tetras we're in training center we're located in houston off of 288 the beltway and we offer overnight lodging we have doggie daycare even with a paw print splash pad for the dog Owen we do full service grooming and we have award-winning training at our facility as well I love it and also the puppy bowl I mean we're all so excited we have a little kid over there to sparking so we're so excited and can you tell us a little bit about the puppy bowl what are the rules absolutely and so first of all a big shout out to walk if I landscaping purchases turf here and we were able to make this really cool boot field for the puppies as you can see there's two end zones here we have decided that the puppies can go to either end zone because i'm not sure that they can tell the difference we do

have the two teams represented here so we've got the falcons in the red bandanas and we have the patriots here in the blue but we have also determined that any pottying on the field is definitely a penalty so hopefully no potty and it is so i guess it will deduct some point i think okay so we can't start the puppy bowl without the national anthem singing our national anthem please welcome simone Gundy yeah oh say can you see by the dawn's early light what's so me we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and rocket yeah boo boo boo peek a boo through the night that our flag was still there oh say does that star-spangled night babe alright thank you so much Simone Simone will be seen later in the show snow let's get this puppy ball started come on alright so the puppies have been placed in their field and can you please remind me Laura who is blue team alright so on the blue team we have oreos here and miss Bella oh I think out we've

already got a penalty on the on the plane okay I think we might have a potty on the play 20 duction right there the other team will have missed my body and Lexi another body another potty that's another Pouncey right there and now they're trying to get a little water break already but it's right into early right now let's see you know I come on puppies no interest in the football yet let's do this machine right now I think they didn't want to go hang out with all of our viewers come here come to play REO REO come on oh we got all right once already and it looks like they're just having fun right now oh I think that's roughing the passer all right well thank you we're going to let these little ones continue playing Thank You Metta like for providing these we happy and that you're looking for a doggy daycare just visit Meadowlake pet resort com farik jennifer i hope you guys enjoyed this how people how's it going over there not only did we enjoy the puppy bowl but everyone or I wish you guys could see everyone behind the theater around watching that was hilarious bring me softly there's no knowing they're still going on uh we think we did some we did

she's a couple of penalties yeah that is bad sportsmanship little bit of a fight on the field you can hear them right now it's getting crazy it looks like the Patriots are winning right now who